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Why Do You Need To Rekey Your Locks?

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Making the decision to rekey your locks might seem like an inconvenient interruption to your daily routine but the fact is that most times it is very necessary. The fact that it is not something that you look forward to should not stop you from doing the right thing. The security of your family should prompt you to avoid taking any risks and should lead you to rekey your locks. If you are wondering why you should call the locksmith, the following reasons should guide your decision.

1. You have just moved

If you have just moved to a new home, your first step when it comes to improving your security should be to rekey the locks. Any number of keys could be out there and the more times the home may have changed hands, the larger the number. People give copies of their keys to friends, relatives, workers and others and any of those keys may have been copied several times. Rekey the locks throughout the home or if you are renting an apartment, make sure that the landlord changes the locks.

2. You have lost your keys

If you or someone in the home has lost your keys, do not assume that all will be well because you have extra copies. The fact is that if you do not know where the keys are, they could be in the wrong hands. It is better to be safe than sorry and the security of your home should be more important than the money it takes to get new keys. It is also a good idea to monitor your house keys so that you always know where all the copies are at any given time.

3. You have had a break-in

If you have fallen victim to a home burglar, you need to rekey all the locks in your home. You should do this even though the burglar gained entrance through a window. There are locksmiths who offer emergency services and you do not have to wait until morning to get a new lock. Having a locksmith show up to fix the lock will act as a deterrent to any criminal who might be thinking about returning. It is important to confirm that the door was locked before the break-in.

4. The passage of time

You should consider rekeying your locks after every 5 years or so. The truth is that keys are lost or misplaced over time and it is easy to forget how many copies you have made during that time. People who worked in the home over that time may have had copies and you have no way of knowing what happened to the keys. Rekey your locks on a regular basis as a way to enhance security in your home. This might even be a good time to determine if you need to update your locks.

If you are wondering whether you should rekey your locks or replace them altogether, you should consider your specific situation. Both options have their merits and they accomplish the objective of enhancing home security. Replacing the lock is more costly than rekeying but you can choose to replace the lock so that you can take advantage of new technology.

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