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Why You Need To Change Locks When You Move House

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Moving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting time, but there are things that you should do before you settle in. One of the first things that you should do before moving is to change the locks. One thing you need to realize is there may be many people out there who have copies of your house keys for any reasons. Trying to figure out where all the keys might be is futile and the best thing you can do for your peace of mind is to change the locks.

Changing locks when you move will help to protect you in the event that a copy of the keys falls into the wrong hands. Whether you are renting the home or you have just bought it, enhancing security should be at the top of your list. It is important to ensure that the only people with keys to your home are those who live there! Following are some issues you should think about before changing the locks.

Talk to the owner or manager

If you are renting the house or apartment, you need to talk to the owner or manager before changing the locks. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the locks are changed between tenants. Talk to the proprietor and find out who has access to the house. In most cases, the landlord will have spare keys to the house in case of an emergency. Most apartment complexes have lock systems that can be operated with a master key to allow maintenance personnel to access the apartment.

Consult the building association

If you are moving to a townhouse or condominium, you need to understand that a building association usually governs many aspects concerning the property. This means that there may be guidelines such as the type of residential door locks that you can install. The appearance of the locks from the outside is usually a major consideration factor. Make sure that you speak to a representative from the association before you change the locks to avoid any problems.

If you have bought the home

If you are buying the home, you have freedom as to the type of locks you can install. When making the decision, security should be a major factor. Consider installing deadbolts to enhance security. There are different types of deadbolts such as mortise locks and tubular locks and they require holes drilled in the door during installation. The decision to change locks or rekey is up to you but it is something that you should take very seriously. This is not a job to tackle yourself as poor installation can compromise the integrity of the door. Hire a locksmith to rekey or change the locks so that you can get the best results.

Changing locks is vital for your home’s security regardless of where you move. You can get much needed peace of mind when you know your family and property is safe. Talk to Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati services about new locks and while you are at it do not overlook the door leading out into the garage.

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