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Frequently Asked Questions

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A locksmith is a professional technician that provides different type of locksmith services, such as emergency lockouts, when you are locked out of your car home and business, residential and commercial lock change, lock rekeying, master key system, high
security locks and more.
You will need to call a locksmith when you are locked your key in the car, lost your house key and most recommended is when you are moving in to a new home and want to rekey your locks on a different key. You also need a locksmith to secure your business
with high quality commercial locks.
There are a few ways you can reach Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati. You may go online and type our website address and you can send us a locksmith service request through our website. You can also sent us an email to
or call us directly at 513-202-4240.
A locksmith certification is a formal process of making certain that an individual is qualified in terms of particular knowledge or skills to work in the locksmith industry.
A professional locksmith can help you with almost every lock issue you may have. By hiring a professional, you know that your property is secure and by letting a certified locksmith to install your locks on your doors, you can feel much safer. You can
also ask the locksmith questions while he’s at your property and get more info about different residential or commercial locks. You want the work done right the first time and without any mistakes when it comes to your family safety.
Original keys come with the lock when you buy at a hardware store or provided by a locksmith. Usually there are 5 numbers on each original key, so you can match future locks on the same key with this 5 pin code numbers.
Part of Eagle’s Locksmith services is to provide key duplication on site. You can copy almost every key with the right machine, some of the high security key are a laser cut and needs to be duplicated by a professional locksmith that has a laser
cut machine.
Some of the business owners would like to have a master key system. That helps for the manager/owner to control all of the door locks to the facility with one key without using multiple keys for each door in the building.
Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is serving the Cincinnati, OH metro area since 2004 and renamed the company in 2012.
The first thing you do when you are locked yourself out is to call your local locksmith near you to let you in your car or home. Don’t try to do it yourself if you’re not sure what to do. A professional locksmith can be at your location ASAP to unlock
your home without damages or delays.
Residential common locks are not too expensive to purchase, but when it comes to commercial high security locks, you may find yourself spending a little more than average on one quality lock.
Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will charge you $75 for a service call and some day we have a special trip charge for only $45. So, if you have a large project, contact us for more details. Because the rates are going to be combined with hardware and labor to complete the job.

  • Lock Rekey – $55 per lock.
  • Residential Locks- $65 and up (depends on the lock brand)
  • Commercial Locks – $120 and up (depends on the lock brand)

If you have other services you wish to have, please contact our Cincinnati locksmith representative at 513-202-4240 for more info.

Yes you can! Everyone can buy locksmith tools online, but a lot of people don’t know how to use these tools. Every locksmith we hire in Cincinnati has his own locksmith equipment and will never use customer’s tools and that is part of Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati
To re-key a lock means to change the pins inside the cylinder lock and provide new keys for the existing lock. Most common residential locks are a 5 pin cylinders and the locksmith should be able to re-key a lock without a key as well.
Yes! All of your locks can be rekeyed on the same key as long as your locks are on the same keyway, if they are not, you will have to replace one or more locks to match to the same keyway as the others.
In some cases it is cheaper for a customer to buy his own locks and Eagle’s locksmith tech can provide the lock installation service. Some of the commercial locks are more expensive and it’s cheaper to get it from a locksmith then buying it online.
Definitely yes! Even if your lock are new and there are no issues at all, it is highly recommended to re-key them all on a different key, because you can never know what the previous owner did with these keys. Protect your home by rekeying your locks
or upgrading for a quality residential door locks.
Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati offers a free estimate on the phone. The estimate is based on what the customer is telling our Locksmith representative, the time of the day and distance.
For any car, home or office lockout the estimate arrival time is between 20-30 minutes. If we have a high call volume, then our emergency locksmith at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will let you know how long it takes to get to your location in Cincinnati area
and northern KY.
Our professional locksmiths in Cincinnati can repair any lock for home and business.
Having an alarm system is a great thing, but in order to protect you property better, you want to have a high security deadbolt lock, which is very hard to pick or drill. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati also supply alarm locks, such as DETEX push bar alarm lock
and more.
Eagle’s Locksmith accept all major credit card, such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express. We also accept business checks and cash.
It is extremely important to rekey or change your locks right away when your keys are stolen. Burglars work faster than you think and can get access to your property in no time. Find online for locksmith near me or call your local locksmith you trust to re-key your locks and if that happens after hours, then search for the fastest 24 hour locksmith near you to provide you the service quickly.
Yes, there are a lot of different keyless entry locks system for commercial and residential use as well. The benefits of keyless entry locks are easy access, using a code and don’t need to worry about a key and you can change the codes at any time by
yourself, if needed.
Our Cincinnati locksmith professionals at Eagle’s Locksmith encourage you to use WD-40 every once in a while. Every time when a key is hard to turn or it feels sticky, you should use the oil and then take the key in & out a few times and that should
make the pins in the cylinder lock much smoother and work better. If it’s still hard to unlock your door lock after all that, you may consider to contact a locksmith in your area to check what wrong.
Absolutely not! If you call a certified locksmith you know and trust, you shouldn’t have any damages at all. Most legitimate locksmiths carry professional tools to assist clients with car lockouts, unlocking home door locks and commercial office locks.
Eagle’s Locksmith in Cincinnati is providing 24 hour emergency lockout services for hundreds of customers each year in Cincinnati area and using the most up to date locksmith tools to help Cincinnati residents get into their property quickly. For home
and businesses any locksmith should carry pick tools and must know how to pick the lock, although some security locks may take a while to pick and some of them have to be drilled out.

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