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Using Child Safety Locks

Using Child Safety Locks
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If you have children, keeping them safe in the home is essential. Research has shown that many accidents in the home contribute to the major reason kids end up in the emergency room. It is a good idea to install child safety locks as a way to protect your kids. Furthermore, it can keep them away from areas in the home that can be dangerous for them. So, the specialty locks are designed to ensure that children do not have access to drawers, cabinets, the refrigerator and other areas. In this blog post, Eagle’s Locksmiths in Cincinnati, OH staff will share some valuable tips for that matter.

As children become more mobile and active, they tend to be curious and they will try to explore different areas of the home. This can prove to be dangerous and there have been cases of kids shooting themselves. A local locksmith service can assist you with securing a gun in a drawer or cabinet and keeping kids away. There are many reasons why installing child safety locks should be at the top of your list.

Opening the front or back door

Door Knob covers will prevent kids from grasping the knob to open the door. These safety locks work on the premise that the child is not strong enough to turn the doorknob or even grasp it firmly. This is a great way to ensure that the child does not wander out into the street while you are busy in another room. Do not assume that the doorknob is too high for the child to reach. Always remember that they are learning early enough about getting something like a chair to stand on!

Opening drawers and cabinets

Your cabinets, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom, may contain items that may be harmful to your kids. The last thing you need is for your child to get a hold of sharp objects like knives or items like cleaning solutions and medication. However, you can try to tell the child to stay away from the cabinets but will not do much good. Because the child is too young to understand the repercussions. Installing safety locks is the best way to ensure that you stop the little hands from exploring in dangerous territory!

Keep the child from the fridge

Cases have been reported of kids getting into the fridge and locking themselves in. Refrigerator latches are great to keep the kids away from the fridge. The latches can be installed on side-by-side units as well as those that have top and bottom sections. So most of the latches are attached with a pulley or snap mechanism that makes it impossible to open the door before removing the latch.

Using magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are simple mechanisms that can be used in different areas of the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen. The locks have a very strong magnetic connection such that a young child cannot open the drawer or door. The locks are fixed using screws that can be removed when the children get older. Cabinet slide locks can also work effectively as child safety locks.

So, there are many child safety devices available and you can talk to a locks expert about it. There are many different locks that you can install in your home. Installing locks should not be a substitute for ensuring that you have adult supervision for the kids. Contact Eagle’s locksmith in Cincinnati, OH for your lock installation services.

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