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Electronic Locks

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With the evolution of technology, locks have evolved to provide more convenient ways of keeping your property secured. The advent of the high end electronic security lock allows you unparalleled ability to secure your home or business. Many kinds of electronics locks exist, varying by function as well as aesthetics. Some can be operated by battery or through a hardware, and many can be opened with cards, codes, bio metrics, key fobs, or keys with an embedded chip. With the wide variety of electronic locks available, it’s definitely important to look for professional Cincinnati locksmiths who can correctly and efficiently install security systems in strategic areas of your property.

For residents of Cincinnati, Eagle’s Locksmith of Cincinnati is the best, most efficient, and most trusted company that offers electronic lock installation. Our professional technicians have unrivaled skill and can provide a wide variety of electronic security options to best suit the unique needs of your home or business.

  • schlage_be365ply716

    Schlage Keypad Lock (black finish)

  • Schlage Keypad Lock

    Schlage Keypad Lock (Gold)

  • Locks

    Schlage Keypad locks

  • Revolution Touchscreen Electronic Latch Type

    Revolution V1 Touchscreen Lock For Residential and Commercial

  • electronic-door-locks

    Electronic Kwikset Keypad Smart key Handle lock For Residential

  • Keyless Door Locks View Products Commercial

    Keyless Door Locks View Products Commercial

  • Kaba Heavy Duty Commercial Lock

    Kaba Eplex – Electronic Keypad Exit Trim

  • Electronic_lock_with_number_pad

    Electronic Lock with number Pads

  • Smart Keypad Lock Cincinnati

    Smart Code Touchscreen Locks

  • FE595_PLY_505_PLY

    Schlage Keypad locks (gold finish)

  • Borg Push Button Coded Combination Code Do

    Borg Push Button Coded Combination Locks

  • Alarm Lock DL2700 Series Trilogy T2 Cylindrical

    Alarm Lock DL2700WP – Weatherproof Trilogy T2 Electronic Digital Commercial Lock For Easy Access

Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will install the following keypads locks:

  • Kaba Keypad Entry Lock

    This lock provides best in class durability and construction, and can turn any door into a keyless entry system that automatically locks with installation that only takes minutes.

  • Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 Cylindrical

    This electronic cylindrical digital lock allows for multiple codes, including master codes, as well as a wireless access control system, and are completely fingerprint/vandal proof.

  • Borg Push Button Coded Combination Code Do

    This fully mechanical push-button coded lock features an ergonomic design and simple operating procedures that automatic lock, and can be programmed with over 8,000 different codes.

  • Schlage FE595 PLY 505 PLY Plymouth Keypad Entry

    This knobbed lock features back-lit, programmable keypad for keyless entry, as well as a brass finish that incorporates classic aesthetics with modern technology.

  • Schlage BE375-CAM Camelot Touch Deadbolt

    This slim, sleep lock features a touch-code system as well as a strong durable deadbolt with a Grade 2 Security rating – there’s simply no way it can be picked.

  • Kwikset knob, lever or handleset

    Kwikset offers a range of high-technology locks that can be unlocked automatically via key fob, incorporated with traditional knob or lever opening options that provide a classic, yet futuristic aesthetic.

  • Revolution Touchscreen Electronic Latch Type

    This touchscreen lock combines the functional security of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technology for a modern aesthetic – it features a voice guided touch keypad, a key override option, and a automatic re locking mode.

  • Kaba 5021 Heavy duty commercial keypad Lock

    This sleek – yet functional – lock features left and right field configuration, thousands of possible code combination, auto-locking, and an extra heavy duty latchbolt.

  • Schlage Keypad Lock

    This futuristic yet elegant lock features a touch screen keypad as well as a durable deadbolt with a Grade 2 security rating – there’s no pickable area, so you get total security.

  • Schlage BE365VPLY626 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt

    This keypad deadbolt is perfect for exterior doors, with keyless entry, a range of colors and finishes, as well as a turn knob that helps it feel like a regular door

  • Schlage BE365 Keypad Deadbolt

    These keyless deadbolts boast automatic re-locking and keyless access ideal for front, side, and back doors, with no programming required.

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