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What To Know About Mailbox Locks?

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Mailbox theft is an increasingly common incident in 2018 due to the rising prevalence of eCommerce and online shopping. Theft from mailboxes has become a regular occurance in all types of communities. Which is why we, the security experts at Eagle’s Locksmith, believe in the importance of ensuring that mailboxes are fully secured. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about mailbox locks and locksmith services for installation.

Why Are Mailbox Locks Important?

Mailbox locks allow for security, privacy, and peace of mind in knowing that your mail or packages won’t be stolen. Just as with doors, successful mailbox security is a matter of analyzing the multiple factors that affect the accessibility of the mailbox in order to craft the best form of security. Here’s some of the factors to analyze:

What Type Of Mailbox Lock Will You Use?

You can choose from a range of options including padlocks, specialized locksets, and locking mailboxes. Padlocks aren’t the best for every type of mailbox, as many don’t have an area that can accommodate a padlock. The usual locksets you can find pre-installed on a mailbox are similar to filing cabinet locks. These locks are less secure than the usual deadbolts meant for doors. If you’re going to go this route, we recommend only using mailbox locksets that have been approved by the postmaster general for use. Some special mailboxes have a thin slot through which mail can be deposited, sort of like a large piggy bank. These are less common in cities than they are in suburbs or rural areas.

How You Normally Access Your Mail

You want to make sure that your mailbox lock doesn’t impede your ability to successfully receive your mail. Also your mail carrier’s ability to deposit your mail. So this balance is usually reached by having a particular part of your mailbox used as a dedicated deposit area. While another part of it allows for the collection of mail – think about how those large public mailboxes look.


The structure and material of the mailbox and its lock matter. You want to install a lock that will be lacking. Choose both a mailbox and a mailbox lock that are not only tamper proof, but also weatherproof – especially if it is outdoors. You want to make sure that your mailbox lock is made of strong materials that cannot be smashed, broken through, or accessed through a bump key.

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