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Tips On How To Find A Trusted Cincinnati Locksmith Online

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Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati - Your Trusted Locksmith in Cincinnati, OH.

Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati – Your Trusted Locksmith in Cincinnati, OH.

1) If you ever found yourself in some emergency situation when you are locked out of your car or home and you don’t know any locksmith in Cincinnati area, its more likely that you search online for that service. The questions are…

*How do you know who is behind the phone?

*How can you be sure the company is legit and has certified technicians?

The Answer is…YOU DON’T!!!

But what you can do is ask for their rates and make sure the locksmith will charge you only what you were told on the phone for a specific work, if that’s not happening, don’t be afraid to say thank you and tell him to leave your property.


2) If the technician raised the price for 5$ or 10$ more, that’s not a big deal, but if he tripled the price when he arrives, you’re definitely don’t want his service! In some emergency cases when you are frustrating of being locked out and in a rush to take your baby to the doctor, running late for work or “fly” to the airport…you want a fast and reliable locksmith to come out right away or in different word…yesterday! Some companies say a time frame of 20 or 30 minutes, but that not necessarily true and the guy might show up after an hour or more…You don’t have time for games!


3) If you are lucky and already have a locksmith company phone number, just pick up the phone, especially if you had a good experience with them, but if you don’t know anyone, try to call a few companies that are local and in your area and feel free to ask them if they have someone available right away to come out and save your day. Be in control when requesting a locksmith service, ask for exact quote and how long will take for the technician to arrive, find out where the company is located and make sure the company you called are coming out and not someone else!

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It Happened To Me Once…

When a customer called to unlock his home door lock and I was there after 20 minutes. I called the customer because I couldn’t find him, and on the phone I told him that I’m here and he said…”The locksmith was already here and left 5 minutes ago!” He also told me that he called a different company before me but called back to cancel with their service and when the locksmith arrived, he asked him if is he from Eagle’s Lock & Security and the guy told him, “Yes, I am” I couldn’t believe a legit company can do something like that. I was trying to call that specific locksmith but no luck.

After a few days of research I found out that the locksmith was from a nationwide company out of the state and ripping off people in Cincinnati Ohio. A week after that I saw on TV the show “Don’t Waste Your Money” about shady locksmiths in the area and warning consumers to change their locks if they had a service with un trusted locksmith companies. I highly recommend to ask questions and know who to expect when the locksmith arrives to your home, its your security and you want to hire a legit and licensed company in the state of Ohio for your own protection!


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