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Interchangeable Cylinder Commercial Locks

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Locksmith Job Done: Interchangeable Cylinder Commercial Locks

Recently we performed a job at a shoe store in Indian Hill area. Our technician came out in 45 minutes and offer the customer to install a mortise interchangeable lock for future cylinders change, if needed. The keys of the interchangeable lock are marked as duplication prohibited and that means that only your keys provider can supply and duplicate these keys for you. The other benefit of this type of lock is that you can take out the core cylinder with the control key and change it easily by yourself. When it comes to commercial locks for businesses I always recommend to upgrade your locks to a high security locks with key cuts that are really hard to pick the lock even for a locksmith. Some commercial locks you can still unlock by drilling the cylinder, but some of them you can’t drill and the only way to do that is to cut the whole lock. If you still want to drill it anyway, you break your drill bits and I can assure you that from my own first experience with high security locks.

Our locksmith couldn’t close the door before the work was done, he needed to fix the door frame, because sometimes the door is not with the share line with the frame and that can be a problem when you are closing your store after hours. The technician offer the customer our services after business hours in case that happens again. Our main goal is to keep our clients safe and secure. I sent the customer a thank you email for having an account with us and that I appreciate his business. The job was completed in one hour and the customer was very satisfied. You can read his review here.


This is how the lock looks like after the installation!


Commercial Interchangeable Cylinder Lock Installation.

Commercial Interchangeable Cylinder Lock Installation.



Visit our commercial locksmith page to view more products and services Eagle’s Locksmith provide in the greater Cincinnati, OH or call us for any other lock solutions For your business!

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