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Detex Exit Alarm Lock Installation in Cincinnati

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Today 01/21/2014 I had a call from a restaurant manager in Montgomery, OH area that wants to install an alarm lock on the back door of their property. The first thing I ask a client before installing any lock for business is what his goal by having this lock and with this information I can help him to choose the right lock to serve him better. The manager told me that they fired a few of their employees and also his record shows about a large amount of missing food. I saw the type of the door they have and end up installing EAX 500 Detex Exit Alarm Lock. That type of lock is is a 100% affective to prevent from employees access through this door, since who ever open the door the alarm will make a loud sound and only the manger can turn it off with his key. I completed the job in couple hours, because I needed to drive to my supplier to being the parts and the installation was 1 hour.


Commercial EAX 500 Detex Alarm Lock installed on a metal door.

Commercial EAX 500 Detex Alarm Lock installed on a metal door.


The client was very satisfied and ask me to duplicate extra keys for other managers. I showed him how the alarm lock works, and explained him that in order to turn it on, he needs to turn the key to the left and wait up to 2 minutes till he can hear the 3 beeps sound and that means the alarm is on. To turn the alarm off, all you need to do is to turn the lock with the key to the right and this how the alarm will go off after someone opens the door. I tested the alarm with my client a few time to make sure it works good and I also told him to shut the door all the way before turning on the alarm lock. Client’s review could be seen Here. Call Eagle’s Locksmith in the greater Cincinnati, OH for any commercial alarm lock installation Cincinnati or repair (513) 202-4240

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