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Intercom systems are used in a wide variety of applications, in both residential and commercial venues. In 2016, the simple traditional push-button system has been left behind in lieu of smarter design. Many of the contemporary intercoms boast features that range from live video to a choice of electrical system powering. Many interior units allow users to communicate to other rooms of the house, and a door unit that functions like a doorbell – as well as containing ability for paging and conferencing. Since there’s so many types of intercoms with specific uses, it’s best to examine them separately to decide which one is best for you.



This type of intercom runs on alternating electrical current, and is broadcast over an AM radio frequency; it’s close to hardwired units, however these units are usually installed after the initial building of a home or apartment building. These units run on low frequency, with a limited broadcast range – making these units not the right choice for large buildings – additionally, they have somewhat less clarity than hardwired intercoms – but don’t have the same interference problems that wireless intercoms suffer.



These intercom units get their name from the fact that they get hardwired into the central electrical system of homes during the initial construction of the base structure. These systems usually cost more than other kinds of intercoms, especially if they are installed after the base construction of the home (because it requires some deconstruction after the fact.) In order to hardwire intercoms into the structure, technicians have to cut holes in walls and thread electrical cables through them – which produces debris that has to be cleaned. The advantages, however, of these systems is that all wiring is sealed internally, which has both practical and aesthetic benefits. Additionally, other electronics don’t interfere with hardwired intercom signals, but they can with others.



These intercoms are increasingly possible due to their low cost. The only installation that they require is the insertion of batteries, and positioning of speakers around the house. Many of these units come with handheld receivers that owners can even carry around with them when out of the house. The largest disadvantages that these units have is the fact that other electronic devices interfere with their signal, causing static, distortions, and even the accidental pickup of other intercom systems, like baby monitors.

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