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Are Smart Locks Right For You? Get Idea From A Locksmith

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Smart Locks For Residential provided by Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati

Smart Locks For Residential provided by Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

At this point in the millennium, technology has influenced the infrastructure of the entire spectrum of our lives – security is no exception. Automation of security and safety systems within homes has become somewhat of the norm – so it leads us to ask whether or not these changes are improving our lives, or making them more complicated. Let’s examine the technology trend of smart locks, automatic locking hardware meant to keep residences (and businesses) safe from break-ins.

Smart Locks range by brand

Depending on the brand, smart locks can look like a regular lock operated with an electronic key, or can be linked/remotely accessed through smart phones. Before investing in one of these pieces of hardware, it’s worth it to analyze the full range of benefits which it offers to your needs.


Smart Locks are automated devices that cover the thumb turning mechanism in your deadbolt lock cylinder, and self-turns it, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock your door through bluetooth enabled devices such as your smart phone. The potential drawbacks of this technology is obvious – what happens if there’s a power failure – will you be locked out of the house? Who will let you inside the house if there’s nobody home? The facts are that many of these systems allow for the mutual integration of modern and classic locking systems to avoid these sorts of issues – even if the power grid goes out, you’ll still be able to use a manual key for the door in emergencies.


Battery Power


While smart locks certainly simplify daily life in situations where you might want to let a guest into your home when you’re not available, or give a housekeeper a specific entry code – there’s a few potentially negative aspects. What do you do if it’s 3AM and your smartphone is out of battery? Since most smart locks are controlled through bluetooth, this could result in you getting locked out? And if your Wi-fi connection isn’t working properly you could have issues unlocking your door even when your phone is fully charged. It’s important to sort out the various kinds of smart locks in order to determine what kind of device serves your needs best.


Geofencing and Bluetooth


Certain smart lock systems work with a kind of technology deemed geofencing to decide when to lock and unlock your doors. Potentially, you might still be within the boundaries of your own property, but inside the geofencing diameter – in this case, technically the lock could activate and lock you out. As many of these systems are new, their potential technical drawbacks are still being worked out. Personally, we recommend not using locks that operate with Wi-fi as they quickly drain  battery power. Rather, opt for a bluetooth smart lock, such as those created by brands like August and Goji. Bluetooth drains battery at a much much slower rate than Wi-fi.


Many locksmiths will acknowledge that as time passes, and technology evolves, smart locks will eventually become a much more widely disseminated part of the security marketplace. If you’re interested in installing a smart lock, it’s worth contacting a professional locksmith who’s familiar with the recent technological advancements in smart locks.


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