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Security on the Beach

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Beach Security

Now that summer is in full gear, you’re (hopefully) going to be spending more time in the surf and sand. Unfortunately, just as in the city, criminals are out and about on the beach, and it’s important to protect your things in order to prevent theft.  Here are some excellent security tips that can keep you and your property secure during your trips to the shore.


Smartly conceal your belongings

Try emptying out a large bottle of suntan lotion (or any other toiletry that you commonly see at the beach) and use them to store your wallet, phone, cash, keys, or any other valuable item that a thief would want to steal. Simply slice the bottom off a suntan lotion bottle, reattach it with take, and you instantly have a decoy container that both conceals your valuables and remains discreet and inconspicuous.


Take turns watching your gear

If you’re at the beach with more than one person in your party, take turns on beach blanket guard duty to allow time to go off in the ocean by yourself. This way you can keep a constant eye on your belongings while still having time to play on the beach.


Get a waterproof bag

Some models of these airtight bags or containers are available that can completely keep your phone, cash, and keys perfectly dry even as you swim in the ocean. This way, you can keep your most precious valuables on your body the entire time.


Don’t bring out your most important valuables

We understand that in 2016 everyone likes to stay connected, but you should consider leaving your home safely at home or in the glove compartment of your car when you go to the beach. Only bring your most essential items to the beach – anything else extra is just more weight you have to carry, not to mention inherently at risk unless it’s in a secure locked container.


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