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How to Never Lose Your Keys

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How to Never Lose Your Keys

It’s 6:30 in the morning, you have to rush out of the door to get to work or make an early appointment, and you can’t find your keys. Almost every person has unique anecdotal experience of locking themselves out of the house. Fortunately, there’s some fantastic do it yourself solutions for remembering your keys, so that leaving and entering your home or business is always a breeze. Here’s our top 5 tips for always remembering your keys.


Buy or Make a key holder that is designated for your keys

Use a decorative special platform to store your keys on. Some fantastic suggestions are using a cake dish, a soap dish, a tray, a hook, or even a seashell.


Keep your keys in the same spot – all the time

And we mean all the time. Never ever vary from this habit. Change is good, but when it comes to the place you store  your keys, you want as stable a situation as possible. The laws of physics stipulates that once your keys are at rest, they will stay at rest; so always leave them in the same spot, and you can count on them remaining right there.


Consider a lanyard

Don’t use a bulky item to store your keys; something light, and handy, that you can tie around your neck and always keep on your person – like a lanyard – is a fantastic option. This way you know that your keys are on your body at all times. Additionally, if you’re running around, or have an active lifestyle, you could consider storing your keys and ID together in a fanny pack. It’s not the most fashionable accessory, but when it comes to handy storage it works in a pinch.


Post a key reminder by your front door

This way you can remind yourself about your keys right before you leave your house every day. We all know what it’s like to leave your home in a rush, so distracted that you forget a number of items. Well, while forgetting a pack of gum won’t put a huge drawback on your day, forgetting your keys and getting locked out very well might. By posting a reminder so it’s the last thing you see before you leave your house, you can effectively install a fail safe security protocol that will ensure you always remember your keys.


Leave your neighbors spare keys

This is the fail-safe or fail-safes. While we wouldn’t advocate you hiding your keys under your doormat (a rookie mistake!) – leaving an extra set of keys with your neighbors is a fantastic option for when you do find yourself locked out of the house. Simply stroll on over, and retrieve your keys – it’s as simple as that. Just don’t lose the extra keys! Remember to return them once you retrieve your main set of keys.

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