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Recommended Tips For Doors, Keys And Locks

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Today I had a call from a repeat customer that locked himself out of his office in the Hyde Park OH (Cincinnati) area. I was on my way their as fast as i can (15 minutes), because I know how its like to be locked out, especially when you are running a business and you don’t want to lose any clients. The first thing I did, like every other emergency lockout service, I checked if the door in really locked and asked the customer if he had any problem with the door lately, but guess what, the door was open! All I needed to do is to pull the door harder then usual and Since we’re dealing with a heavy duty metal commercial door, sometimes its hard to pull the door even when its unlocked. One of the reasons for that is the cold weather, when is very cold outside it can really effect your locks and doors. The door moved a little and no longer in the share line with the frame, So if you think about it, when the door moved, the lock moved as well and now is not working properly and in order to lock or unlock the door again, you’ll have to force the key when you turn to the unlock position and that may end up with a broken key in the lock, and you’re definitely don’t want that!


Here Is A Useful Tip I Recommend To Do!

Like everything else in life, locks, keys and doors are getting old with the time, but it doesn’t mean that you have to replace them. The first thing you want to do is to pay attention when you see that your door lock is hard to open or even the door itself doesn’t close all the way. When that happens, use the door slowly when you want to open or close it. Don’t try to lock the door or to take the parts off the lock (unless you know what you are doing). I recommend to call a locksmith immediately to fix or replace your lock to prevent other damages. When the freezing  cold weather arrives, it can effect your door and also the lock cylinder pins. What you want to do is to spray with some oil and play with the key back and forth till the key becomes smooth and that also cleans the lock from dirt.


Our Locksmiths in Cincinnati can and will assist you when that happens. We have the ability to fix, replace or install new locks on any wood or metal doors. We carry all the right tools to get the work done right including new lock supply in the our van for installation. We can get to you anywhere you are for any emergency service, residential and commercial in Hamilton county, butler county and warren county in the greater Cincinnati, OH. Call us at 513-202-4240 for the fastest locksmith service in Cincinnati. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will not make you wait for a long time and will send a technician right away in case of emergency. I hope this information was helpful and I’m looking forward to hear from you. For any questions or tips, you are welcome to give us a call at 513-202-4240.

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