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Keyless Entry Lock Installation in Hyde Park, OH 45208

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Today 04/22/2014 I had a call from one of my clients I did work for several times in the past two years in the Hyde Park, OH area. As always, I was happy to hear from him like all of my repeat customers in Cincinnati and on the phone it seems like that he doesn’t want to have a key to lock and unlock his home anymore and wants to install some access control system or some other keyless entry deadbolt lock. It was a very busy day for me, so I told him I will do my best to come over this evening and show him a few locks he might be interested in. I arrived at 7:00PM and I was asking him if he wants an electronic keyless deadbolt lock or just a lock with a code without using a battery. Well, He didn’t like the idea of using the a lock with a battery, since he doesn’t want to find him self locked out if the battery dies sometime. I told him to follow me to my truck to show him the type of lock that we provide, so he can choose the one he likes. The type of lock I showed him was kaba simplex 7100 mechanical keyless deadbolt and he immediately liked it and wanted me to install it on the door.

In the beginning I measured the exact size of the lock before drilling the halls. After drilling I installed the keyless entry lock and then started working on the door frame so the deadbolt will go in smoothly. The most important part after the installation is to change the code with a few simple steps. Usually the lock comes with the same code for all this type of Kaba keyless locks and and its highly recommended to choose the code numbers that only you know. I was taking the time to show my client how simple is to change the code within a few minutes without calling me or any other locksmith in town to do that.

Here is the entry lock installed on the front and the back of the door:



The front of the Keyless Entry Lock on a door

The front of the Keyless Entry Lock on a door

The back of the door of the Keyless entry deadbolt lock

The back of the door of the Keyless entry deadbolt lock


The job was completed in an hour and 45 minutes and my customer was very happy with his new lock on the door. I told him that I’m very glad i could come on the same day and do the work, because sometimes i don’t have specific locks in stock and it takes 2 to 3 business days shipping for me to get them. The customer also wrote a locksmith review for the service I provided for him in the last couple years.

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