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Getting The Right Quote From A Locksmith in Cincinnati

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In the past 3 weeks I had several questions from new customers about getting a free quote for a labor service, materials cost, emergency services and repairing locks including installation. I decided to write about different services we provide and give you some tips when you call to get a quote for any locksmith service in Cincinnati. I also explain how is the best way to describe your situation on the phone, so we can better serve you.  Unfortunately, some of the companies will never give an exact quote over the phone and will try to get a higher rate when their technician arrives.


How Eagle’s Lock & Security Operate When You’re Locked Out?

In case of Emergency which is basically when you are locked out of your car, our Locksmith Cincinnati will charge you a flat price for the service and the prices for each lockout may be different then other customers, because we calculate the distance and also the time of the day. So if you call us in the evening after business hours, we charge a little more. Vehicles with a high security system like BMW or Porsche take more time to unlock, so labor time is longer than usual and we charge up to 50% more then other cars. Unlocking a car without security system takes only a few minutes to get it open.

For home and businesses it’s pretty much the same idea. We know it’s not fun to be locked out of your house early in the morning before you go to work, but you can count on us to be there for you as fast as we can. Till 7:00 AM in the morning we consider any service as night labor, but again, it’s all depends where you are located and how far our Cincinnati Locksmith needs to drive for that specific service, so we believe is fair to charge a few extra dollars. On weekends and holidays its the same thing and sometimes you want to ask our dispatch on the phone if we have any special offers for you, so you can enjoy from these benefits.

A lot of businesses work till late in the evening or open their shop early before the sunrise and to being locked out is definitely bad for the business. Our 24 hour locksmith on call can come our very quickly to let you in, but there will be an extra fee to show up when the service is not during the day. Most of the store locks are commercial and some of them are high security locks. It’s really a matter of what type of lock you have on your door and how long it will take for us to unlock it, so it makes it difficult for our locksmith representative to give you the exact quote on the phone. The only estimate we can provide when you call Eagle’s Lock & Security is by knowing where you are located in Cincinnati and give you some idea of how much the service can cost.

Note: We try to be fair and hope you can understand that, because we truly believe that you want to know your full cost for the service and our estimate based on what you tell us on the phone before we know exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes when the locksmith arrives to your location, he finds other things that he needs to fix in order to complete the work.


Need A Lock Change? Get The Right Estimate!

You can always choose your budget for a certain service you’re interested in and how much to pay for repairing a lock. Re-keying a lock and repairing a lock are two different things. To re key a lock means that the locksmith takes only the lock cylinder off your door and changing the pins to match to a new key. Repairing a lock means that we install a new lock and not changing the original keys. In some cases a labor for re keying a cylinder cost more then the lock itself, but that is up to you, if you want to upgrade to a better lock we provide. We highly recommend for businesses to secure their facility with high quality locks and alarm security system. Let us do the hard work for you by installing commercial locks, electronic keypad locks, access control and more products we have for your security. Quality commercial locks cost more, but our goal is to secure your property and its better to be safe then sorry! Eagle’s Lock & Security encourage you to give us information on the phone as much as you can, so you can get the right estimate. A few customers in the past called for re keying a lock and forgot to mention that they don’t have the current keys for their locks, so our locksmith find himself working longer since he needs to pick the lock first in order to re key it, so that is another example of extra charge we add to a service. By telling us specific details, you can avoid of paying more then you expected and be satisfied like many other customers in Cincinnati, OH.

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