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Protect Your Home From Being A Burglary Target

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Could your Cincinnati residential home be a crime target? You might not even be aware whether your holy place you call home is being actively targeted for a burglary by criminals. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimate that over 2 million houses suffer burglaries every single year and it doesn’t matter if you’re home or not. Here’s some of the tips we recommend you to follow and prevent your home from being a target for burglary as prepared by the residential security experts at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Keep Your Doors Closed

Always close your doors and make sure they are properly shut all the way. The majority of Cincinnati homes are most susceptible to experiencing a burglary between 9:00AM and 4:00PM in the afternoon, when the majority of most people are out of the house busy with shopping, work…! So make sure your doors are closed and latched all the way and lock it with your key.


Many burglars and criminals these days are searching for different prescription drugs, most specifically painkillers. These drugs, when stolen, can be sold on the underground black market. When burglars are aware of someone very sick inside the home, or someone with the prescription, they may target your home for burglary. Make sure that your home is equipped with high quality security deadbolt locks by your local locksmith whether or not this is the case.

Always Close Your Windows

Burglars are paying attention for open windows while they walk near your house especially ground floor windows. Even if your windows are closed, you still want to secure these windows with some latch, because if your home becomes a target, a burglar will check if he can open your window – so make sure to leave your windows locked night and day.

Vacations Rules

Never share on social media your vacation details such as where you’re going and for how long. It could be a very bad idea especially if your profile is public where everyone can see your info. Its not recommended to share your pictures as well during the vacation, only after you get back home. This helps you avoid advertising your home as a potential ideal target for a burglary.

Disarmed Alarms And Cameras

Make sure to arm your security system and consider to install a security camera as well to watch your home from your phone app. Most people will turn the alarm on during the night when you go to sleep and also during the day when you’re out for work. Watch for alerts through your phone and keep your home safe at all time.

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