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Business Lock Installation And Safe Solutions

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Every commercial business owner wants to keep their property safe and with the highest level of protection from criminals, whether they be burglars or vandals, whether they watch your business on a daily basis or read how you operate online so they can wait for the right time to make their move. Since it’s impossible to know all that, when someone will attempt a crime that involves your business, make yourself smarter then everyone else to take every precaution possible to protect your important livelihood. Here’s Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati‘s guide to the essential aspects you need to understand and pay attention to in order to protect your business as much as you can.

Proper Doors

Make sure that all of your doors around the building is closing properly and lined up smoothly so you can use your locks without “fighting” the door or force to close. All doors must be properly installed by your professional door company or local locksmith that provide this service.

Padlocks Protection

Check all outdoor entrances and inner security doors are locked with double sided deadbolt locks and high quality cylinders that have removable collars, like BEST, In the locksmith world we call it I.C. Core. Adding a latch guard for deadbolt locks is also recommended, and any padlock should have hard steel attached to bolted hasps. Try not to share the codes of any locks with people , employees you don’t trust in order to prevent anyone from being able to copy your keys. Keys can be a high security keys that comes with high security locks.

Light Your Business

Improve your business visibility by lightning your indoors and outdoors as much as you can. as possible. Outside lights should have vandal proof covers from weather effect, and the entire property of your business should be well lit – most specifically at any point of potential entry.

Heavy Duty Windows

All windows must be strong to work with the locks, burglar resistant glass including sensors that will alert you and the police that a glass was broken. and polyester security films attached to sensors that will alert you and authorities when the glass is broken. Also metal gates is a smart hardware to add around the glass and it make everything so hard to break easily.

Security Alarm System

It is highly recommended to have an alarm professional company to install a security alarm system with a central monitoring station that will alert you while you on the go straight to your mobile device. Alarm can definitely assist you with checking even your employees live and go back to the recorded day to see what is going on in case something goes wrong.

Insurance Company

It might be a smart move to protect your business by signing up with a A trustworthy insurance firm can assist you to protect your business from anything including break ins, broken glass and doors in case someone was trying to get into your place. Make sure to get the best policy to cover everything in your store/building.

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