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Office Commercial Key is Lost, What To Do?

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It’s absolutely essential that your office is secure and protected from theft at anytime of the day. That is including that your employees maintain strict security standards as well. This importantly includes keeping a close hold on all keys to your business facility. If your employee loses your keys, there’s a series of strict protocols that should be enacted in order to ensure that your commercial establishment is truly protected from the myriad of serious security risks that could affect it. Office commercial key is lost, now what? Here’s a guide on exactly what to do if your employee loses your business’ key, from the commercial security experts here at Eagle’s Locksmith.

Different Brands of Lost keys

First determine what sort of office or any commercial key was lost. Most offices have multiple points of locked entry for a layered security plan. Some offices have a master key that work on all doors around the building and with that been said, you will probably going to need to fit in the separate key for your employees and the master key that was lost on the same cylinder lock. You may consider to replace the lock if its too old so it can work much better with the new master key system. In case of loosing All of the entry keys, it can be a much larger cost and serious security risk than if just the office suite or office key was lost, so we don’t recommend you to take any chances and swipe the locks right away.

Commercial Lock Replacement & Re-Key

When you finally know what type of key was lost, you must to re-key all the office locks and keys on your doors. If the main key (Known as Master Key) for the building entrance was lost, all the facility employees will get new keys and its also recommended to tell them to return the old keys. We recommend hiring a team of licensed locksmiths like those at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati who can assist you with providing the best solution on site and for any emergency you’ll get same day service right away. You will need to notify all building tenants of the key loss and ensure that all internal doors are locked, and our expert locksmith on call will arrive as soon as possible. Then, you will need to replace the suite key – which is usually much easier, as only the key holders and other employees for the suite will have their keys replaced. Get the best locksmith in Cincinnati, OH and Northern, KY for your commercial needs, call Eagle’s Locksmith team at 513-202-4240.

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