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Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock Installation by Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati
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The entire purpose when you analyze your home locks, is to impede the attempts of someone who’s attempting to get into your house. First, it’s essential to have deadbolt locks installed on your home doors or business facilities. While many regular lever and knob locks offer an element of security, the denser, stronger deadbolts. That will effectively deter or delay break-ins completely. In this blog post, Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will share some info to assist you with home security.

Protect Your Windows With The Right Locks

Burglary through windows is very common. So you must check if you can slide them to open, and can be opened from the outside. There are a few window locks that are simply latches that hold windows close; they can’t truly lock them in an emergency. However, it can be opened with not too much effort. When you get a locksmith service, ask how you can secure your windows with locks that can be hard to break in. Also try to find out what are your best options in your case.

Prevent From Any burglar to slid through Your patio doors

Look into and check any sliding glass doors present in your home by closing and make sure they are properly installed and tied to the frame. Your patio doors are the most vulnerable entry point for homes as they’re usually located in the back of the house. Most of these doors are secured by the same kind of ineffective latch that holds windows closed. As a result, many can even be lifted completely out of its frame from outside – even when it’s in the lock position.

Guard Your Gates Locks Properly

Homes with a back gate need to be secured with a quality lock additional to the one that was given when you moved in. Some of the gate locks can be a padlock and using a commercial grade can secure your gates even better. So gate locks can be very similar to common residential locks just like on your home doors. So it can be rekeyed on the same key by your local professional locksmith near you.

Make Sure Your Locks Are Up To Date

So what does that mean to update your locks? Check any lock around your house, even the locks you don’t use very often. Make sure they are working properly without any sticky keys, spinning lock cylinders and lined up correctly. Replace any old hardware that is hard to find parts to repair with common locks for easy access. Add new deadbolt locks (unless you already have one) above your doorknob lock for extra security. Research for a keypad deadbolt lock so you can enjoy a keyless entry to your property. Be aware of cheap locks that “look good” but not really high quality hardware.

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