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Locksmith Security Tips: Getting A Master Key For Your Premises

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One of the commonest reasons by Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is why a large number of people lose keys is due to the fact that they have to carry a large bunch around? If you have a business premises that has many locks, this is often necessary. However, the process of carrying the keys around can be cumbersome, and you are likely to lose one or two keys depending on how you carry them around. One of the ways of avoiding this potential problem is by getting a master key for the premises. This is a single key that can be used to open all of your commercial door locks in such a facility.


However, this brings in another problem; the fact that it might seem risky to have one key that opens all the doors in a particular building. There are measures that can be taken to guard against this and these include:


Use keys that are difficult to duplicate

Get A Do Not Duplicate Security Keys

Get A Do Not Duplicate Security Keys


Some key types are difficult to duplicate even by a notice locksmith. If you intend to create a master key for the business premises, you might want to avoid such keys since they put your security at risk. In some cases, you might find it desirable to change the locks in the premises to more advanced ones, since most of these tend to have more complex lock patterns. In addition to that, you may also need to choose the locksmith to make the key carefully. Usually, the quality of the locksmith determines the quality of the work they end up doing.


Minimize the number of keys made


When ordering the master keys, you will often need to specify how many you need made. Making more might reduce the chances of being stranded when you lose one key, but it also put you at more risk. Remember, having many keys lying around means that someone can easily come across them and use them to access the building. You should limit the number of master keys you have made. If you have to make more than one, it would be a good idea to come up with a system for monitoring each of the extra keys so that you always know exactly where they are. You will also need to store them safely.


For very sensitive areas, consider getting a different set of keys


Say you have an office with many doors, and a room where you keep petty cash. When requesting for a master key for the doors, you could exclude the more sensitive areas, such as the door to the cash storage facility. This way, even if an individual somehow came across the master key, they would still not be able to access the cash office. This comes in very handy in ensuring that you maintain security.


In summary, getting a master key made for your office might sometimes seem scary. By following the above guidelines, however, you can end up with a convenient way to create a master key, but without having to worry about the potential risks that might come with this privilege. Working with a high quality Cincinnati locksmiths  is also a good way to ensure that such problems are avoided.

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