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Lock Re-Key And New keys Made in Kenwood, OH 45236

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One of the lock issues I needed to deal with today 03/03/2014 was a key that worked on both locks in the Kenwood, OH area and now it doesn’t work at all on the back door of the house. So I took the old lock off the door and realized that there is no way for the old key to work, since its very old. What happens is that the key cuts fades away with the time, usually it takes years for that to happen. So, I ended up re-keying the old locks and provided my customer a brand new keys to make sure its not gonna happen again in the future.


After I installed the new locks, the customer asked me if I can help his daughter as well to rekey her home locks in the Hyde Park, OH area. The thing is, that they wanted to do it on the same day and i was already booked for different appointments. I decided to go to her house and change 2 doorknob locks, 1 dead bolt double side lock and 4 more locks re-keyed. I told them in case that they are having an emergency lockout service, such as car keys locked or home lockout, they can always keep my business card handy and call me anytime because that may happen to all of us when you’re not ready. In the evening, after I completed the work at his daughter house, he called me to say thank you and that he’s appreciate my time for repairing the lock today.


See below the difference between the old key and the new keys I made:


This is how the old key looks like compare to the new one after Eagle's locksmith cut  extra keys on site

This is how the old key looks like compare to the new one after Eagle’s locksmith cut extra keys on site


The customer was very happy with the service and I also gave him a senior special discount for the job I did. I gave him 4 new keys and showed him how the locks work. This nice customer decided to give me a good word for the fast response and a good service. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is pride to have the highest quality service for our customers in the greater Cincinnati, OH metro area. You are welcome to watch the video below and understand how important for us to provide a great service!


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