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File Cabinet Lock Installation in Blue Ash, OH 45236

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Our Locksmith was working today 02/23/2014 in the Blue Ash, OH area at a store with locked file cabinet. The technician was near by the location in Madeira, OH area and arrived in 10 minutes. At first he needed to unlock the file cabinet lock and then make a key for it. Sometimes if the lock is not in a good condition, then re-keying the lock or trying to fix it will not last long. It’s always recommended to change your locks when they are giving you a hard time when you put them in the cylinder or it’s hard to turn. In this case the lock was old and it was faster and cheaper to install a new file cabinet lock and make our customer happy by saving money. The name of this brand is chicago file cabinet lock and only that type of lock can fit in to this specific cabinet. The work completed in 25 minutes and while our guy was installing the lock, our client locked himself out of his office and asked our technician to assist him. I’m glad that happened before our locksmith leaves the site to the next job. He needed to go out of the store to bring the right tools to unlock the liver handle lock.


This is how the lock looks like before installation…


This is the file cabinet lock before installation in Blue Ash, OH.

This is the file cabinet lock before installation in Blue Ash, OH.


There are many different type of file cabinet locks that we all use mostly to store documents and different important papers. Our technician had this lock in his van and the customer was appreciate our fast response and the quality work our locksmith did on site. Watch Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati video review about the service we provided.



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