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A Cincinnati Locksmith Interview – Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

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The owner of Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is talking about his successful Locksmith company in Cincinnati, OH and answer 5 questions about his goals, services and life story.


Date: 05/12/2014

Company Name:     Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

Service Location:    Cincinnati, OH

Our Website: 

Phone Number:       513-202-4240


1) So tell me about your story and how did you become a Locksmith?

Well, that my funny story. 6 years ago i was visiting a friend in L.A. and he had a car he wanted to sell, so he left me the keys and that day he was on vacation. Someone came over to see the car and i accidentally locked my keys in the car while its running with my house keys as well. I called my buddy to ask if he has any spare key somewhere, but no luck. He’s answer was, “call a Locksmith to let you in” and i was like, no way I’m gonna do that, i told myself i can do it on my own. So, I needed to break in to friend’s house first and then i took a few kitchen tools to unlock the car and i was really good with that, so the next thing i was thinking about is…I gotta be a Locksmith!! With the right locksmith tools, i can definitely make it happen, so that’s what i did and here i am today.

2) Have you achieved your goals as far as being a Locksmith in Cincinnati?

Definitely! I like Cincinnati a lot, its a great town to have a business and its growing with the years. I have customers calling for our service on a monthly basis and we also have accounts with different companies in the city. Security in my main goal for any locksmith service in the greater Cincinnati, OH. If my customer is safe and happy, then i did my work the right way. My success is my clients satisfaction.

3) So what made your business successful in the locksmith industry?

Let me tell you that in 3 words, trust, quality and friendly service. I believe that any business, not only Locksmith should have priority for he’s goals. My goal is to have the best Locksmith service in Cincinnati, OH and provide a top quality work for home and businesses and the most important part is our customer satisfaction. There are a few things Eagle’s Locksmith technicians do when they arrive to a customer location:
1) Ask politely the customer if is there anything wrong with the locks
2) Share with the customer about our lock products.
3) Make sure the customer knows about the price before he starts working (No hidden fees).
4) Offer payment options on site with credit machine, cash or check.
5) Clean and pick up trash after drilling a hall in a door for lock installation or any other work.
6) Let the customer know about Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati 90 days warranty policy.
7) At the end our locksmith will check all of the installing locks with the customer and show him how it works (if needed).

4) Do you work on the weekends and holidays?

I do, there are a lot of companies that are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. We closed on Saturdays, but open on Sundays and from my own experience, people like Sundays better, because their at home and have more time to change or upgrade their locks at home or on a commercial facility. Our business hours are:
Monday – Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday – Closed.
Sunday – 8:00AM to 8:00PM
We also offer appointments after business hours and have a 24 hours locksmith on call in Cincinnati, OH.

5) Do you go to customers homes or they come to you?

Both! Most of the time people are locked out and need assistance, so i must send a locksmith to let them in their property. The same with commercial properties, most people don’t know and probably don’t have time to take the locks off the doors and bring them over here. I don’t have a shop, because most of my business is based on mobile Locksmith service, but if someone want to stop by to cut a key or rekeying a lock or two, I’ll be more then happy to do it. My office mailing address is located at 9251 Deercross Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45236 and you can always follow our Locksmith Google+ page to get more information.

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