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Protecting Your Beach Bag

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Beach Bag

Beach trips exemplify the best aspects of the summer. Regardless of whether you’re at your local shore or on vacation and an exciting spot, there’s some universally applicable methods that you can implement to ensure that you won’t lose your beach bag or any of your belongings. It may come as a surprise to some people, but there are networks of thieves that take advantage of the relaxed state that most people are in when visiting the beach – they rake the beach looking for unattended bags, which they quickly sift through looking for valuables like money, jewelry, or electronics. Here’s our top tips for making sure that your property  is protected when you’re by the sea.


Keep your bag close to your body

Do this at all times possible. If you’re walking to another area of the beach and your bag will be sitting unattended, take it with you. This is a bit easier to work around if you’re going to the beach with friends. Simply have one of your friends guard your stuff.


Keep your eye on your things from the ocean

If you’re going swimming, keep your bag within your view. Use your umbrella, your chair, or a brightly colored item as a marker for your place, and regularly glance over to check on it. Keep watch for people pacing past your things over and over. Some beach thieves will go through your bag to look for something good, others will just pick it up and walk away.


Keep your things away from the tide

When you set your things down on the beach, make sure that it’s sufficiently far from the water. Especially if you’re on the beach later in the day, the tide is slowly going to crawl up – much further than you might ever think! The line of where the tide comes up to is usually differentiated by darker, damp, and tightly packed sand. The light, dry, and loosely packed sand grains are safe areas to set your stuff down at.


Hide your valuables well

If you have keys, wallets, phones, or  cash inside your bag, place them at the very bottom. If you use unremarkable items to cover up your previous ones, you may discourage or prevent any burglar from even having the time to look around your bag to find items worth stealing. Also, when returning towels to your bag try shaking them out first, to make sure sand doesn’t get in your bag and destroy any of your valuables.


Pack Light

Whenever you go to the beach, make sure to take as little as you can to the sand. This way, you can remain as relaxed as possible, without having to worry about whether or not someone is going to steal your things. If you’re with a large group of people, you might need to bring a phone, but all other expensive electronics should be either concealed very well or left inside the car or at home. Of course, books are usually fine, as they are not high targets for theft.

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