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Home Residential Locksmith in Cincinnati OH

Home Residential Locksmith in Cincinnati, OH
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The most important thing you want to know about residential (home) burglary is that burglars want to get in as quickly as they can, get the most valuable items they see first and walk away fast and quiet. Whatever you do to slow them down is great and you can have a chance to make them leave your property with nothing! Let’s start with a few main points to assist you with slow burglars down and keep your place and family safe.

Doors and Locks

The easiest points of entry in any home are the front and rear doors. If you are not currently using steel or solid-core wood, the first step is to replace your doors. Don’t want to do it yourself? Enlist a professional Cincinnati Locksmith company. The second step is to attend to your locks and strike plates. Make sure your first-floor doors are equipped with four-screw strike plates and heavy-duty deadbolt locks with 1-inch throw bolts. While you’re at it, install a heavy-duty peephole that allows you to see anyone standing at your door.

Sliding glass doors and windows are also vulnerable due to inherently weak locking mechanisms installed at the factory. Block your sliding glass doors with a piece of dowel or another commercially available product. As for your windows, you can purchase very effective locks that allow them to be open a crack without compromising safety.

Winter Effects Locks

This is the time of the year when its getting freezing cold and believe it or not, the weather does effect your locks (sometimes) from operating your keys smoothly. When it comes to the point when you can hardly use your key to turn, simply don’t use it and call your local locksmith as soon as you can. The reason for that is that if you continue using the key, you may end up breaking the key inside the cylinder, the key might stuck and not move anymore and you can’t lock your house when you’re in a rush to go to work. Eagle’s Locksmith residential home services in Cincinnati specialize with cases like that and can definitely assist you with all of your residential needs from lock repair to a whole new lock installation.

Local Residential Locksmith Near Me

It is very important and recommended to find a local locksmith for your home to repair and install locks in a professional way. It’s always good to know the company you’re about to hire. Finding on google “locksmith near me” or locksmith near my location might help you a lot to get the right person for the job. However, you want to hire someone you can trust so you know that any issues you may have with their service, you can always call back to get assistant. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is your local home residential locksmith in Cincinnati and provide the highest quality of work including northern, KY and surrounding areas.

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