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Common Business Door Lock Issues

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When it comes to commercial door locks that are already installed, you need to make sure that the lock is always in a good condition. Customers that visit your business on a daily basis can definitely notice right away. Common business door Lock issues can be a challenge if you try to repair the locks by yourself. Some clients and even business owners don’t care about cosmetic appearances, but it must be easy to operate. It is great to know that almost every door lock issue for commercials can be resolved by your local Cincinnati Locksmith. In this blog post, Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will share some common repairs for commercial door lock issues that may affect your business.

Common Business Door Lock Issues & Commercial Lock Repair

Winter is already here and some of us can feel the freezing cold air still coming through the door. The first thing you want to do is to check if your bottom lock (doorknob) is latching properly. If not, a small repair like strike plate adjustment can help to get it fixed. BTW, your energy bill can be increased if you ignore fixing your issue, since cold or hot air will affect that. Last thing you want to pay attention to is the door closer. Some door closers are old and if they’re leaking, they must be replaced. Some of them just need a small fix to adjust the level of the door closer and check that it’s closing all the way till your door lock is latching.

Sticking Lock Fix

If your door lock sticks when you open or close it, you might have an issue with the cylinder itself or even a broken part. It is recommended to use WD40 (oil), and spray the cylinder until it’s smooth again. However, if you think you have a broken part, you may need to call a professional locksmith to come and check it out. Whatever you do, do NOT try to fix your commercial lock by taking it apart, it might cause more damage in some cases.

Hinge Adjustment and Replacement

When your door is not closing all the way or it’s closing but very hard, you may check your hinges adjustment. Hinge adjustment and replacement can be done by your locksmith company near you. Whatever you do, never adjust your frame door hinges all at once, one at the time, so the door won’t fall completely and cause injury. Contact Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati for quick, professional and affordable fixes for any door lock problems you may have – we will secure your business to the top level of commercial door locks security. 

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