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Home Residential Lock Replacement

Baldwin Lock Rekey in Cincinnati, OH provided By Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati
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When it comes to get your home residential lock replacement, all of us have a reason why we should do that other then upgraded our locks. For some of us it is the right way to do when moving to a new house and some of us have an issue with an old fashion lock set. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati has a few options to share as far as what you should and shouldn’t do before calling your local locksmith company.

Avoid Lock Issues

Many people have a lot of lock issues every single day and some of them use the fastest way which is contact your locksmith. If you have some time to try and figure out yourself whats going on, you may save time and money in a few simple steps. In some cases, your key may turn a little harder then before, but before thinking of any lock replacement, try a lock oil like W40 and see how it works. W40 is basically make the pins inside the cylinder smoother and let the key work much easier without any issues. another thing you may want to consider doing is to tight all screw, if needed and that helps a little to lined up your lock set. If that doesn’t work, then you may have an issue with the lock itself and that required a professional assistance with a licensed locksmith.

Lock Replacement VS Lock Rekey

So you end up calling your magician – The Locksmith – and now you are ready for your new locks to be installed. Well, first of all, make sure to ask the locksmith (before your home residential lock replacement) on site what he’s going to do and if you can still use the same key you already have. The reason for that is, every time when you replace your locks and you want to match the new one to your current key, you must ask for a rekey service a swell, since the new lock, Of course, comes with a different key. Another important information, when you ask for rekeying your lock, it won’t change the condition of your current hardware. Rekeying means that a locksmith will replace the pins inside the cylinder so it can work on a different key cuts, but it does NOT effect your hardware if its jammed.

Home Residential Lock Installation

Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati have seen many clients that tried to have their lock installed on their own. It is a great skill to know, but our main answer to these folks is “If You’re Sure What To Do, Don’t Do It!”. The reason we say that is because some people damaged the whole hardware and in some cases even the door and frame. All that leads us to work even harder, add accessories in order to fix some of the issues. A home residential lock installation must be by a professional locksmith services company that know what they are doing and can give you a warranty for the job. Eagle’s Locksmith home residential services also offer our customers to get their own lock and we come provide a full lock installation on site. We are pride to serve Cincinnati and Northern, KY areas for many years.

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