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Commercial Locksmith For Business Security

Commercial Security Cover Plate For Business
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Many businesses in Cincinnati and Northern, KY are getting ready to reopen their stores this week after COVID-19. Due to a several weeks of closing, we have received calls from concern customers after a break in. Unfortunately that happened almost all over town. The main way to protect your business is by checking that all door are fully closed and works properly. The picture above was taken after our commercial locksmith in Downtown Cincinnati needed to replace the whole lock system after a break in. Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati, we share a few valuable tips and a few steps that every business owner should take.

Commercial Door Lock System

There are many commercial door lock system that helps a lot with locking the door once its shut. Most retail stores and other shops have a front and back door. If you let a “FREE” access to your employees, We highly recommend you to use the back door with a different key then the front door. This is how you can be sure that no one get in through the front. The second thing we recommend is to have a commercial lock latch auto system and that means every time when someone unlocking the door with a key and close the door then the door locked right away and there is no way to change the system to leave the door lock in the unlock position. The point here is to prevent from employees to lock the door after the leave for the day.

Jammed Lock, Doors and Handles

As a small business owner, we always recommend you to check for yourself all door locks and handles around your store and if you find some lock that is not operating right, call your local locksmith company weather your are in Cincinnati, OH region or Northern, KY. Jammed locks can easily leads to a potential break in and you might be at a high level of that risk. Even if your locks works perfectly fine with the key, but are a little lose, DO NOT take any chances and get it fixed ASAP. When it comes to commercial locks, all hardware and some accessories must be stable. Check often your handles and replace them, if needed. Make sure all door are closing smoothly without touching the frame. If they do, you may have a small adjustment issue that almost any doors company can get it done.

Commercial Security Cover Plate

At Eagle’s Locksmith company our professional commercial locksmiths are recommend all clients to protect their door lock frame with a security cover plate. Some doors have a gap between the door and the frame and in some cases you can easily use a flat screwdriver and move to latch and open the door. Even though you have a security cameras and alarm system, if someone breaks in, he have at least 20 to 45 seconds to grab whatever he can before the police shows up. Some business owner rely on their alarm system, but its not enough and we highly recommend to take any necessary action before its too late.

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