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Holiday Season Residential Security

Holiday Season Residential Security
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The holidays are a fantastic time to enjoy having fun with your friends, family, and eating delicious, hot, cozy, food. It’s also associated with tightening up your residential and commercial locks security, as the amount of heavy travel associated with the holiday. As well as the increased volume of spending – provides opportunities for burglars to find victims. Here’s a guide for the Holiday Season Residential Security, as prepared by the residential security experts here at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Holiday Season Residential Security Checkup

At the start of the holiday season, start examining your own residential security practices and infrastructure. However, you want to make sure that you’re doing all that you can to ensure that your home is protected. So if you have CCTV security cameras in place, now is the best time to make sure that they are working properly. Whether they have been correctly installed in the first place, that all their connections are plugged in and functioning. And whether they are still facing the areas that you originally intended for them to record. Clean off any dirt or dust that might be covering up their lenses. Check all of your door locks to ensure that they are still properly functioning – and check your windows too!

Holiday Travel Security

Make sure that you lock all of your doors and windows before leaving on any holiday trips. It’s pretty shocking how many burglaries occur due to windows left unlocked. So make sure not to ignore these vital details. And yes, this applies to windows on upper floors as well. Also make sure to tell a trusted family member who lives nearby that you’re going to be away from home for a while. Ask them to monitor your home from time to time during the duration of your trip. You could even ask them to park their car in your driveway. This how you can make it appear like someone is inhabiting your home while you are away.

Holiday Shopping Security

Try paying in cash as much as possible during this holiday season. We recommend budgeting yourself for all purchases you’d like to make, and then removing that amount of cash from your bank account. This prevents the risk of you accidentally spending more money than you intend to. While also preventing the chance of your credit card information being stolen and utilized for cyber crime. The last few years have demonstrated an increase in credit card information theft around the holiday seasons. So by making it a rule of thumb to only pay cash, you are reducing the chances that your information will be stolen. If you’re doing online holiday shopping, ensure that all the websites that you’re using are fully secure and legitimate.

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