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Different Lockset Functions

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While locks are our bread and butter, many of our customers don’t understand the complex differences between the myriad types of locks. This is alright – here, at Eagle’s Locksmith we’re proud and happy to take care of all the details. However, every type of lockset has a different purpose, and works the best in a different application. In this blog entry, the lock installation pros here at Eagle’s Locksmith will provide some details for different lockset functions types.

Different Lockset Functions & Entry Locksets

This common type of lock is usually found in homes and offices. Basic entry level locksets have a tiny button on the interior of the lever or knob that allows people to manually lock the door at will. The majority of these locksets allow for the function of pressing the button in, where it remains locked when shut, even after the use of a key. Entry level locksets are typically found on the front and back doors of residential homes.

Storeroom Locksets

These locks are constantly locked and need to be opened with a key during every entry attempt. There’s no interior button as with entry locksets, and they do not have an option for leaving the door unlocked. These locks are ideal for commercial use, or in settings like supply closets. As a result, they ensure that the door will remain locked as long as it remains shut, eliminating the possibility of theft.

Classroom Locksets

This unique lockset function is similar to storeroom locksets, as they don’t have a unique button on the interior. So classroom locksets can be left unlocked, but only through turning a special key. So which can either cause the door to remain fully unlocked or fully locked. This ensures that only people with the proper key can leave the door open.

Privacy Locksets

These locksets are often used in bedrooms or bathrooms to ensure privacy. They have a tiny hole on their exterior, with a push button on their interior. The hole on the outside can be easily unlocked by pushing in a pin or paperclip. So they aren’t really meant as a fully secure locking device. But more so a preventative measure to block people from walking in while you are indisposed in a bedroom or bathroom.

Passage Locksets

This isn’t a lockset with a security function – in fact, it doesn’t even lock! It simply makes sure that a door is securely latched to a door frame so that it doesn’t move around in harsh weather. These locksets are typically found in home closets or on doors that have no need to be locked. They are often found in place on bedroom doors. So that the door remains securely shut when closed, however it is not locked.

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