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Hidden Places For Spare Keys

Hidden Places For Spare Keys
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Spare keys can be a major godsend; especially in situations where your original keys turn out lost or broken. However, it’s not enough to simply know that the spare keys are resting SOMEWHERE in your house. After all, a spare key is useless if you can’t find it quickly, which can even pose a somewhat dangerous situation. Here’s a guide to the best hidden places for spare keys, as prepared by the residential locksmith experts here at Eagle’s Locksmith.

Give Keys To A Trusted Friend, Neighbor, Or Family Member

The best place to leave spare keys is in the hands of a trustworthy individual. You may choose a neighbor for convenience, but a friend or family member nearby works too. It should ideally be somebody you trust enough not to lose the key. As well as somebody that you can easily and conveniently reach in the event of lost keys, a lockout, or other emergency. By choosing to leave your keys in the hands of somebody close, you can make sure that you can grab the key quickly when you need it. We recommend a neighbor who is often home.

Hidden Places For Spare Keys Inside Your Wallet

Spare keys are often misplaced due to falling out of your pocket, being left on the counter of a store and even locked inside. However, you almost always have your wallet or purse on hand, since you would quickly feel their absent bulk. Keep a spare key for your house and car in your wallet or purse all the time for easy and convenient access. But make sure to have another one handy in case you lose one of these items.

Inside A Safety Deposit Box

Safety deposit boxes may not be easy to access if you’re experiencing a lockout. However, having one will make it easier on your mind. Knowing that you will be able to access a spare key once your access to your home is restored.

Hidden On Your Car Or Near Your House

This may seem convenient for some of us. However, you need to make sure that the hiding place is really good, as it can easily fall in the hands of criminals. NEVER hide spare keys under doormats, over your doorframe, or underneath rocks or plants by your front step. Choose to hide your keys in a location far from your door that’s not obvious to thieves. Cars should have a magnetic lock box in which you can place your key. Since it’s operated by a code, it’s inherently more secure than the tried and true. But deeply insecure – under the doormat location.

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