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Forms Of Locks Replacement

Forms Of Locks Replacement
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Check this guide to the most common recommended forms of locks replacement we provided at Cincinnati homes and businesses today, as prepared by the professional team here at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Recommended Deadbolt Residential Locks

This is one of the most popular types of residential locks for interior and exterior doors. They come in single cylinder deadbolt lock, double cylinder deadbolt lock, lockable thumb turns deadbolt lock, and vertical deadbolt lock varieties. Also, Deadbolt locks are being used along with smart locks or electronic keypad locks for easy access. This is definitely part of the recommended forms of locks replacement by Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati team.

Keypad Form Of Locks for Homes

These locks remove the need for a key and can work with a numerical keypad that’s battery powered. So, next time you arrive home, simply use your 4-digit user code to get in. BTW, keypad locks have a key as well, in case the battery dies. Modern keypad locks enhance locking systems by improving access distribution. There are keypads that you can download the app on your mobile device to lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world. Because we have multiple keypad door locks in the market these days, you can find other types of similar hardware on hotels doors, office buildings, apartment complexes and more.

Are Electric Strike Locks Secure Enough?

So, the electric strike locks will receive a signal to unlock the door and remain locked at all other times. Because you cannot see the wires installation, it makes this product more secure. They are inside the door frame to hold the bolt or latch, and only release when a signal is received. Also, you can use it with other locking mechanics like keypad door locks. Electric strike locks come in fail secure and fail-safe varieties. Fails secure locks keep doors locked. So, whether the power is on or off, you can use panic bars to accommodate the exit. Failing safe locks unlock the door when the power supply is cut.

Mortise Locks Replacement for Home

This recommended mortise lock for home lock type has a complicated structure and is mounted inside doors rather than on the door’s surface. However, you can also find several types of heavy-duty mortise lock for commercial use. So, do not get confused with similar locks for businesses. The mortise lock is well known as an important level for security and high-quality product.

Multipoint Lock System Installation

Multipoint lock system is considered as 3-point locking mechanism. This lock has 3 bolts that lock to the ceiling, bottom floor and in the middle of the door. It provides a great deal of security and covers most doors’ height. You can find it usually on large doors, sliding doors, or French doors.

Barrel Bolt Locks

Nowadays, sliding bolt locks are more traditional. However, they provide robust security and they come in many different metal types and sizes. They are extremely popular on heavyweight gates, public bathroom doors, cabinets, windows and more.

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