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Locksmith License in Cincinnati Ohio

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Did you know that fishing license is a must?

What about Locksmith License?


Unfortunately the state of Ohio is not require from companies to have a locksmith license in Cincinnati. It’s absurd, because you need a license to go fishing, but for locksmiths who carry different type tools and can probably break in to your property in any time, no license is required. I believe that who ever wants to be a in the locksmith business should go through a background check to make sure is not a criminal. For most people its hard to trust unlicensed locksmith especially someone they don’t know. I carry tools that can help me break in to your house or business in just a few seconds/minutes, but the idea is to avoid from letting an unlicensed locksmith use this tools and do what ever he wants. In some states where a license for locksmiths is a must, business owner and employees carry a card around the neck with the license number and their names.


Couple weeks ago there was investigation about a few locksmith companies in Columbus Ohio overcharging customers and performed a low quality work. What they are usually doing is definitely not helping other consumers to trust anyone, especially a legit locksmith. They quote you one price on the phone, but when the locksmith arrives, the price is double and even more. The technician came out with unmarked car and said that the prices are coming from the office which he wasn’t even sure where the office is. If you needed a locksmith in the past and had the same similar issue, you probably know better now who you should call for help in case of emergency in your area. Getting to know your locksmith and its location is very important for many reasons. What you want is a high skilled licensed locksmith that serve your area and you know exactly where his office or shop located in case you have a problem with a recent service you had.


In Cincinnati we had a few locksmiths caught on camera in the past and after that I had customers asking for my ID and how long I’m operating in Cincinnati, OH. It seems like a nationwide group that call themselves “locksmiths” are ripping off the people and leave a bad name to the local locksmiths that operate in town for many years. In the state of Ohio you are only require to have a certificate from the state that know a bout your business and let you sale your products and services. From what I heard, the statehouse has passed a bill that would require locksmiths to be licensed in Ohio. I’m sure that is going to help to some degree and I hope its going to happen soon.


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