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Doorknobs Locks Repair

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Both doorknobs and door lock handles can become loose or jiggly over time. So when this issue occurs you shouldn’t worry that it’s a rare and supremely unpleasant mishap. However, these issues are best corrected as soon as possible, because if left unrepaired they can quickly allow other issues to take place. As well as taking out a majorly important chunk of your security infrastructure. Here’s a guide to have your doorknob locks repair service by the expert technicians at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Tightening An Internal Screw Of Your Locks

First, remove the loose handle or knob. Determine if you have a knob or handle with a mounting screw that’s hidden or exposed. If it’s exposed, unscrew the set screw and simply take off the handle then tighten the screws inside it. You may also need to take off the faceplate. If the knob or handle has hidden mounting screws, you will need to find the detents that hold the knob or handle to a spindle without visible screws. These detents can be removed by depressing their springs. And giving access to the inside of the mechanism where you can handle the interior screws. Again, you may need to remove a faceplate to gain access.

Tighten The Set Screw Of A Lock

This is an easy strategy. The set screw attaches the knob or handle to the spindle, and is only in place in those with exposed mounting screws. An indicator that your set screw is malaligned is if the latch doesn’t move when the door knob or handle is turned. Simply find the set screw on the interior, or remove the exposed screws to find the set screw, and tighten it up.

Fixing Damaged Lock Mechanisms

The issues may be due to the wearing down of other important internal mechanisms of the door knob or handle. The spindle may have mechanical issues, or the trim of the door knob can have accumulated rust or dirt. You can only really determine the actual issue once the door knob or handle is taken apart. If these are the issues, it’s a simple matter of contacting a licensed locksmith expert to replace the broken parts – or even simply using the proper cleaning solution to remove any accumulated debris that is affecting the proper use of the door handle or knob.

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