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Do You Know Some Of The Tools Used By Locksmiths?

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Since time immemorial, man has always had a constant need for tools. Right from the time the wheel was invented to date, tools have always acted as reliable sources of comfort for the working hand. Masons, tailors, architects, locksmiths and many other experts in the technical field will always need a group of tools. But what kind of tools do locksmiths need? Read on to find out!


The changing landscape of using tools


Locks and security systems are always evolving. That means tools used by locksmiths have been changing from time to time. Others remain useful while others are rendered useless by mind blowing innovations. Take note though that the underlying principles used by locksmiths are still the same. The only difference comes with the type of lock in question. An electronic lock will certainly have to be opened with different tools. The same case applies to doors that can only be opened by smartphone apps, fingerprints and voice authentication commands. All these systems will need different sets of tools.


Must have tools


The fact that the underlying principles used by locksmiths are pretty much the same has already been discussed. That can only mean one thing. That there must have tools every locksmith must always carry around. They include


• Plug spinners – they are used to move lock plugs to the opposite direction when one has wrongly picked a lock and the lock gets jammed. You only need to adjust its shear to your desired dimensions. They come in different sizes.


• Locksmith lubes – like other lubes, the main purpose of locksmith lubes is to reduce friction. Take note though that locksmiths use a special type of lube. The one they use is very different from the usual graphite lubes used at home for different purposes. Locksmith lubes have a special type of powder that does not mold up, making it easy for a locksmith to pick up a lock without dealing with excess friction.


• Key lights – otherwise referred to as locksmith car lights, they are extensively used by locksmiths in the automotive industry. The light is used to identify linkage rod guard plates as well as other sensitive components that make up car security systems.


Security software


Like already hinted, the locksmith field is ever evolving. Security systems are going digital. That means analogue security systems are losing popularity in favor or more advanced and reliable electronic and digital security systems. Take a door that opens with a set of digital codes for instance. A locksmith won’t need a chisel or a hammer to open it. It all boils down to numbers and binary combinations. It doesn’t end there, locksmiths today can install security systems that feature use of radars and sensors. These have to be monitored externally using hi tech software.


One locksmith’s tool might not be another locksmith’s favorite


There are several other tools used every day by locksmiths, take note that unlocking and installing locks is, to some extent, like art. One Cincinnati locksmith will therefore use his skill differently from another. That means two locksmiths may use different tools for one purpose. Either way, magnetic hammers, screw drivers, pick guns, turning tools and tweezers will have to be used at one point or the other.

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