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4 Reasons Why Breaking Into Your Car Is Not Advisable If You Have Lost Your Keys

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Losing your car keys is never an experience that you would want to go through more than once. When most people find themselves in such a position for the first time, they often go into a panic, and then try to use various methods to try and force the doors open. One of the commonest ways of doing this is by using a metal rod to push down into the seal between the window and the door from outside, and then jiggle it about in a bid to make the latch mechanism open. This is a method that is also used to break into cars by criminals.


You might be tempted to use this method to gain access to the car, such as when you have locked the keys in it. With the advent of cell phones, you could even find instructions on how to do it online, so that you can then carry it out. However, there are a number of reasons why this is not advisable. You would be much better off calling a locksmith to sort out the problem for you due to the following reasons:


It does not work on newer cars

Using a wire or a metal rod to interfere with the workings of the car’s lock systems will only work for older cars which have more manual controls. Most new cars have actuators to control the doors and windows, so doing this will only lead to damage to the electronics. In the end, you will still need to call a locksmith to help you out, and then have to pay a lot more to have the damage repaired. You can skip all this agony by simply calling the contractor.


It might put you at risk


In this day and age, it has become very risky to carry out such maneuvers. For instance, if you park the car on the street then later have to break into it, you may end up being seriously injured by people who might think that you are trying to steal a car. In countries with very strict laws or which are not very tolerant, this could even lead to death. Even if you are caught by the police, it would take some time for you to prove that the car is yours. You can avoid all this by asking a locksmith to do the key recovery for you.


It will be more expensive


Even if you have an older car that can be accessed this way, and you have the skill to do it, calling a locksmith in Cincinnati might not necessarily be more expensive than trying to fix the problem on your own. You would still need to spend money on making the car secure again. If you call a locksmith, they tend to do no damage at all particularly if they are experienced.


You are still unable to drive off


Suppose you have lost your keys, and you finally manage to break into the car by breaking the window. What next? The fact that you would have lost the keys means that you may not be able to drive off. If you call a locksmith, they can gain access to the car and even make new keys for you, which makes it a more practical solution.

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