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Deadbolt Durability Guide

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Homeowners should understand the in’s and out’s of deadbolts – the most important aspect of maintaining a strongly secured home. In this brief guide, the experts at Eagle’s Locksmith will go into detail about what deadbolts are, how they are so secure, and why they are so important.


What are deadbolts?

Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that extend or retract a bolt based on the turning of a key. They do not work with springs, rather the bolt itself extends into a strike plate on the door frame. Single cylinder deadbolt are the most commonly used type of deadbolt, and it’s important for homeowners to determine which types of deadbolts will best work in their home.


Types of Deadbolts

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Single cylinder deadbolts are the most commonly found deadbolts on the market. They require  akey to be used in the exterior door that retracts the deadbolt from the door jamb, which disengages the lock.


Double Cylinder Deadbolts

These deadbolts have keyed cylinders on both sides. They are considered to provide more security than single security deadbolts. They prevent burglars from being able to reach inside your house to unlock deadbolts. However they are also considered fire exit hazards, and are not allowed to be used inside homes in areas that consider them a flagrant violation of building codes. That’s why single cylinder deadbolts are considered more popular.


One-sided, outside trim deadbolts

These are often used in the backdoors of homes, restaurants, or small businesses. They are best used in situations where that door is never opened from the outside. They make it so these doors can only be opened on the inside. They have plates on the outside that cover any exposed parts of the door to prevent access. They are not commonly used in residential applications, as homeowners often want to be able to fully access their own back doors.


One sided deadbolts with zero outside trim

These bolted doors are identical to the ones described above, however the outside of the door won’t show any sign of being attached to a deadbolt. These bolts are best used with doors that have a borehole that doesn’t go through the entire door. Basically these doors provide the appearance of a knob lock with no real knob lock application on the inside, or simply a blank surface. They are a good home security choice as they keep the fact that there’s a deadbolt installed secret from the burglar, which will ideally exhaust and discourage them.


Grades of Deadbolts

Deadbolts are split into three security grades by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI.) They utilize a system that was first developed by the Builder’s Hardware Manufacturers which measures a combination of a deadbolt length and longevity to figure out it’s strength.


Grade Three

Grade three deadbolts have the lowest security rating, but are still more secure than typical Euro cylinder or non graded deadlocks. They are ideally utilized as a backup lock option for homeowners that already have a primary Grade One deadbolt installed. They offer the best security when used with Grade One or Two locks together.


Grade Two

These deadbolts provide more resistance than Grade Three bolts, and are the most commonly used level of deadbolt for residential properties, as they are much cheaper than Grade Ones, but are much more effective and durable than Grade Threes. While being the mid-range, they truly do offer a great deal of security, and can resist a large amount of striking before showing any signs of degradation.


Grade One

These deadbolts are the most secure deadbolts that can be used on a residential door, but happen to be the most expensive among the other deadbolt grades. They are particularly popular among homeowners and small business owners that want to provide their property the maximum amount of security infrastructure they can provide. They offer a massive amount of strike resistance, as well as superbly sturdy latches, and a premier level of security that is only enhanced with additional options, like extra long latch bolts, that maximize security and resistance potential.

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