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Apartment Lockout Tips

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You may have experienced the frustrating and stressful occurrence of an apartment lockout. Don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up about it; it happens to us all. In fact, sometimes it happens multiple times to the same person. Maybe you left your keys in the house and your door automatically locks. Maybe you left your keys at work, or they fell out of your pocket. Regardless of the cause of your apartment lockout, the best way to deal with it is to contact a trustworthy locksmith as soon as possible for emergency lockout service. But, for the sake of avoiding future lockouts, it can help to be prepared. Here’s our list of ways that you can avoid experiencing an apartment lockout.


Spare Keys

Make sure to have a spare apartment key on hand, or available, for exactly this sort of situation, Go to a trustworthy licensed locksmith to make a series of spare keys, and give them to your neighbors or your friends. THey can hold on to the keys for you until you need them, and even check up on your place while you’re away if you like.


Check before you leave the house

Before you leave the house, make sure to give yourself a pat down. It helps to speak the sequence out loud: “keys, wallet, ID, phone…” (including any other essential items.) Don’t worry, it’s not that weird to talk to yourself, and it really does help ensure that you’re prepared with everything you need before you go anywhere.


Master Keying

You might want to contact your landlord to see if they have a master key that can allow them access to any apartment in your unit (if you live in a series of apartments.) In this situation, you know you can contact them in the event of a lockout. However, we also want to stress, that you really might want to rekey your locks if they verify that all apartments are master keyed. It’s really the best way to ensure your home security.


Keep a trustworthy locksmith on hand

Make sure to save the number of a local, trustworthy locksmith on your phone so that you can easily and instantly contact them in the event of an apartment lockout. Trust us, when you’re experiencing a lockout, you don’t want to waste any time searching – and you definitely don’t want to desperately pay a lousy locksmith way too much money for emergency lockout service; it’s much smarter to keep a quality locksmith’s information close.


Smart Locks

You might consider upgrading your home locks to a smartlock system. This often eliminates the need for carrying physical keys, instead offering you the option to unlock your door through software present on your smartphone. It’s less likely you will forget your phone at home than your keys, especially if your lock automatically locks behind you, so this way you can conveniently enter your home easily all the time.


Key Accessibility

Don’t leave your keys loose in a messy purse or backpack. It’s much smarter to make your keys super easy to access by placing them on a keychain, carabiner, or attaching them to other important items that you are far less likely to forget – like your phone. However, we want to stress that it may not be a good idea to keep your keys attached to an item with your address on it – especially if you are prone to losing items, as it gives somebody true directions to and access to your home.

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