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Controlling Locks with Smart Phones

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In this blog entry, we’ll discuss some of the multiple ways that technology is changing how keys and locks are made and used today. Today’s extreme leaps in technology not only make your life easier, but can also help make your residences and businesses safer, as well as your vehicles. Many lock makers now create locks that can be remotely controlled from any smart phone or internet optimized device. Every lock manufacturer has their own unique technology for controlling locks remotely – and a common principal in these locks, is that they don’t require any sort of replacement of the existing door lock to work (they can simply be installed over it.) Not only does a remote controlled deadbolt make it much more convenient to lock and unlock your doors, but there’s myriad practical applications – such as the ability to remotely unlock your door to allow someone to check up on your home while you are on vacation, or even remotely letting somebody who forgot their keys back into the house. Remote controlled locks can eventually save you a good deal of money if you find yourself constantly calling locksmiths for lockout service.


One fantastic brand that makes wireless locks that can be installed without the need to replace a current system is Lockitron. Lockitron’s wireless locks can be purchased for around $170, and can be installed directly over any existing deadbolt. It comes equipped with wi-fi and bluetooth built inside it. All that’s required to unlock it is a push of the button on your mobile application to turn the lock to its “unlocked” position. This is a nifty lock that’s perfect for a homeowner looking for a futuristic touch to help make their residential entrance much more convenient.


Another great model is the Schlage Nexia, a completely customizable electronic lock that allows for total rationalization. Not only does the Nexia allow you to tirelessly control your door’s deadbolts, it also allows you to program it with 19 separate security codes that can unlock the doors. This is perfect for allowing different members of your household or business their own personal way to enter – and each code can be programmed to only work during particular times of the day. This can provide any commercial business an amount of full flexibility that allows employees to enter the business when they arrive, while also ensuring constant security even when they aren’t at work.


The beginnings of matching smart phones with locks are upon us, and will be incredibly instrumental in revolutionizing the amounts of convenience that regular people associate with residential and commercial security. In the next few years, smart locks will become even more advanced, so we have even more to look forward to in the future!

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