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Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

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Here at Eagle’s, we get lots of questions from customers about our locksmith services – many of which get surprisingly repeated. There’s a solid selection of very valid and legitimate inquiries about locksmith services; and after we talked to our expert technicians, we compiled this guide to the most common ones.


Should I get new locks re-keyed?

Even if you’re purchasing brand new locks, it’s fairly common to get them re-keyed. This is probably a good idea if you’re buying a somewhat less fancy hardware store lock brand, since sometimes separate lock packages carry identical keys, meaning that there could be somebody out there who has the exact same lock model that you do! We highly stress the importance of re-keying even brand new locks, so you can have 100% security.


How do you set your prices for lock-out service?

Actually, this is done based on the case, since every kind of lock out has unique principals, and different kinds of necessary labor techniques to correct based on the lock brand. Residential, commercial, or automotive lockouts all have their own particular kinds of variances that affect cost – which heavilly include such factors such as potential damages, and the technical sophistication of the security system that needs to be managed by the locksmith technician.  


How are transponder and regular car keys different?

Transponder keys are built with a small interior computer chip – if this chip isn’t detected by a computer built into the car, the car won’t be able to start – even if the key is very precisely cut. This is so as to make the entire vehicle more secure (a car is much harder to steal when it’s only programmed to work with a small particular computer chip.) Regular car keys operate just as normal keys do, with grooves that match that of the lock chamber. The only drawback to a transponder key, is that the keys not only need to get cut, but they need to be programmed to match the code of your car – which is an additional service when you’re getting keys copied.

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