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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Keyless Door Lock

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Keyless door locks have enjoyed an increasing amount of popularity in the last few years, and although this technology was initially created to use inside vehicles with remote entry systems, they have been recently fully integrated into a residential security context. There’s many good reasons to consider installing a keyless door lock in your home or business, however there are also a select amount of risks associated with their use. In this blog post, we’ll go over various pros and cons of keyless door locks, so you can stay informed and make a fully educated decision over whether or not to install one.


Pros of Keyless Door Locks

One of the major pros of installing a keyless door lock at your home or business is that you no longer have to worry about carrying a key around. You will never have to be concerned about potentially losing a key, or having to search through your pockets or bag for your key when all you want to do is get back into the house and get into bed. You also won’t need to contain a spare key anywhere on your property, which is a common practice among homeowners that’s quite dangerous and risky – since all criminals already know to search for a spare key. This means NOT HAVING a spare key, may actually increase your home security – in a roundabout fashion.


One more pro of installing a keyless door lock at your home or business is that you can completely customize who is able to enter your property – you won’t have to make key copies for babysitters, housekeepers, dog walkers, or guests in order to allow them entrance into your home – and you won’t have to worry about former employees coming into your business. Simply provide these people the proper entrance code, which you can change at your discretion. Some systems additionally allow for certain codes to only work at particular times of day, for heightened security. Once the system is in place, you can monitor exactly who tried to enter your home, and when they did it – giving you a broad view of your property’s security.


Cons of Keyless Door Locks

While of course there’s myriad benefits for installing a wireless door lock in your home, there’s also some extreme drawbacks to keep in mind. Many keyless door lock systems are made to automatically alert police or law enforcement if an incorrect code is entered into the lock too many times, it’s still technically not IMPOSSIBLE for a burglar to get entrance into your home by either hacking into the system, or guessing the code out of sheer luck.


Also, just like you can forget your keys at school or work and end up locked out of your house, you can forget the passcode to your keyless door lock entry system and find yourself locked out. Completely random arbitrary codes are much safer to use than birthdays or simple number patterns – however this can become a potential problem if you are forgetful, and will find yourself easily forgetting an abstract, even if short, code.
The final major con of a keyless door lock entry system is that some of them are electrically powered – and may not work properly in the event of a blackout or power failure. Yes, many of these systems have taken this risk into consideration and included internal batteries and power banks – however these have a limited amount of stored power, and will eventually turn off. This can lead to your door being completely unlocked during a blackout or power failure during which it may be difficult to contact or arrange the services of a locksmith, making your home quite insecure indee from a security standpoint. Again, while this final risk is not likely, it is technically not impossible, which is why we wanted to mention it. However, overall, we believe the benefits of a wireless door entry system greatly outweigh any of the potential drawbacks.

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