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Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks

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Many people have already asked, why should I rekey my home locks? How does that help me with my business security? Well, the short answer is when you’re calling a locksmith for residential or commercial in your area for rekeying your locks, you won’t be able to use your previous keys. That means that whoever has the old keys is not gonna be able to use it anymore. In this blog post Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati presents a few benefits of rekeying your home locks and tips on what to avoid when getting the service.

Locks Rekey When Moving To A New House

Moving season is always a big deal for all of us and there are many things to do, but your top priority is to prevent unauthorized access. Eagle’s Locksmith is highly recommended to have your locks rekeyed when moving to a new house. You probably will never know who might have these keys for your new home, such as the previous owner’s friends and family. With that being said, it is important to contact a locksmith for rekeying lock services as soon as you get the keys. Rekeying means that a locksmith will change the pins in a cylinder to fit into a new key cut and make sure the old key won’t work anymore. It does not replace the lock. However, if your locks are not in a good condition, you may want to consult with the locksmith company you hired about new locks installation.

Benefits Of Rekeying Home Locks

Some people love the look of their locks and want to continue using them. The greatest benefit of rekeying home locks is that you can still use your existing hardware but with new keys. In some cases when a lock is not working properly, you need to change the locks and give yourself peace of mind by having a working lock on a door. When it comes to commercial locks for business, you need a pro locksmith for your business to walk you through the steps of having a master key system. Also a keypad lock for business helps a lot with easy access for managers and employees.

Commercial Lock Rekey and Lock Replacement

Commercial and industrial businesses already know the importance of lock rekeying. They have employees that left with the master key, jammed locks after hours and even break ins. Eagle’s Locksmith in Cincinnati have helped many businesses to secure their facilities with high quality locksmith services for industrial and commercial. Whether you have a restaurant with multiple employees or a factory that needs locks changed, it is better to do it right away to avoid issues. We recommend all business owners not to wait until the last minute. If you use a lock on a daily basis and it doesn’t work the way it should be, then call your local locksmith for business to assist you further.

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