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What Defines Us As Locksmiths

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Many people ask us about how locksmithing works, and how we find our new customers. Today, we’re going to provide you with an inside view of how the business works from the interior point of view of the security experts at Eagle’s Locksmith services in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The best way to get customers is through word of mouth

Whether it’s a client’s friend, a friend of a friend, a business associate, a neighbor, or even my dentist – whenever we find a client through another person it helps remind us that the recommender trusted in our abilities and talent enough to recommend me and boost our business!

Our top expense is our mobile service vehicles

Our locksmith business is important to run on a mobile basis, so we can be on hand for instant response whenever any of our customers experience any type of lockout situation or need a rekey at any time of day or night. Our vehicles have to constantly be in good condition, always be filled with gas, and always be ready to travel within a minute’s notice; think of it this way – if a pet or child is locked inside a car, you can’t be stuck with a broken belt or hose, or be stuck at the gas station refilling your gas, or checking your tire pressure.

We can’t stand fake locksmiths

There’s many smartly put together, yet fake locksmith ads out there that can bring people ranging from charlatans to burglars directly to your home or vehicle. Our integrity as a business is important to us, in fact, there’s almost nothing more important to us.

Smart Security Defines our Business

As technology continues to evolve, security and locksmithing become much stronger industries. Of course, the deadbolt will always be the cornerstone of our industry, but contemporary security technology will help make people’s lives much easier and much more secure. It makes us happy to be part of that revolution.

Our top business tool is our cell phone

Having my phone on me allows my customers to reach me even when I’m out working with another customer, which is absolutely necessary if I want to provide exemplary service to those locked outside of their cars or homes. We always keep our phones on us here, and almost never take a day off.

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Reward

When we complete a job well done, whether it’s helping someone unlock their car or rekeying an entire building, the look of relief on our customer’s face gives us all the reward we could want. We’re not just locksmiths to make a profit – we take truly deep pleasure and satisfaction in helping those in need.

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