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Act Smart When your Employee Loses your Business Keys

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It’s absolutely essential that your commercial business location is secure properly and protected from anyone who is trying to break in. Most of business owner have a least one manager or employee they can trust to give an access key to one of the most important things in life, your business! In case of employee loses your keys, you want to act fast and smart to avoid unwanted access to your facility. You should ask your employee when was the last time he used the key, when does he think he lost it, who else have the keys. When verifying all of these questions, you’ll know better how to act and probably call your local locksmith company to assist you with securing your store again. Never wait for the last minute, especially when it comes to your business investment, act smart and get the locks changed or rekeyed by a professional locksmith. Here’s a guide on exactly what to do if your employee loses your business’ key, from the commercial security experts here at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Key and Lock Replacement

After you found out what type of key was lost, you need to rekey all the locks on a different key to work for the areas affected. If the main security key for your facility entrance was lost, all of your employee that have this key must to return their old keys and get new ones, and that will prevent from using the old key (even if its not working) in the cylinder lock that can cause the key to break and you might end up dealing with taking the broken piece of the cylinder. We highly recommend to hire a team of bonded and licensed locksmiths like those at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati who specializes with all commercial locks and keys and can provide the fastest, best solution on site. You will need to let everyone know that all of the keys were lost and ensure that all internal doors are locked. The most effective and less expensive way is to rekey the lock rather than fully replacing it, if not necessary.

Learn How Your Lock Operates

After you called a locksmith to assist you with either rekeying the lock or replacing it, now you need to ask some questions on how to use the keys and locks. The main reason for that, especially when you have a lock replacement, is that your new commercial lock might lock in a different way, depends if its a mortise lock, push bar lock, DETEX alarm lock and more. Get smarter by getting the answers on site while the locksmith is still there and can go over with you around the door locks at your building.

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