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You’re Guide to Differentiate the Reputable Locksmith Service

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There was a time when your parents would be doubled over the big old yellow pages scanning for the locksmith. They would then jot down few numbers buzz them and find someone who fits the bill, sort off. Today you have everything at your fingertips, literally. Google out locksmith in Cincinnati and the list is there for you to choose. But the troubles are as easy to come by as well. Anyone can make up their page on the internet. They can scam you left right and proper before you can blink your eyes. Majority of such pages are scam. How does one differentiate between fake and real? We will help you distinguish. Read on.

Imagine you own a high end jeweler shop and wish to have the best security locks installed. In such cases if you go for any tom, dick or harry to do the work, you are potentially risking your business. The locksmith may glean some sensitive information which can cause perpetual risk to your business. If you are some corporate guy who has important documents under your watch, you will want the guy safeguarding them to be a through professional. Same goes for residential areas. The number of scams and break-ins that happen are enough to clue you in onto the importance of these issues.

The new mortise lock installed on the door next to the old one.

The new mortise lock installed on the door next to the old one.


We have listed down four points to help you find your trustworthy locksmith.  Follow them and the probability of you getting scammed will take a nosedive.

  1. Not every door is similar, not every key has the same features and not every safe has the same specifications. If this premise works for you then you will agree that giving out a standardized cost for the job is not possible. They should rig alarm bells for you immediately as you immediately. Scammers at work, run away! Remember that there is no settled price for locksmith job. If the website shows 10$ 20$ tags, know that you are on the wrong page and move away.
  2. Business card or identity card is what will ensure the true identity of the locksmith. When they arrive ask for identity card from them. Ensure that they display the company name and prove that that’s where they have come from. In case you are suspicious, ask for their locksmith license to cross check. You may ask for the invoice with the company name or the bank card to ensure that you are not being fooled. You can also keep a sharp eye in case the papers are not in line.
  3. You as the consumer are not always the ones who get the shorter end of the deal. The locksmiths have also faced issues in their line of work and hence it is a common practice with reputable locksmiths to ask for your ID upon arrival. They use to cross check if they have the right house and the payment made was through the same channel that’s standing before them. If the locksmiths ask for ID, co-operate and show them the required proofs.
  4. There is locksmith and then there is drill and replace service, in the later one they just remove the locks and install a new one. This is a wrong practice and bewares. Locksmith license is issued only after lot of training and there are almost zero problems that a locksmith can’t solve on his own. If the locksmiths look ignorant or confused, this is your cue. You may in the process of being scammed. If the locksmith tells you that drill and replace is the only way, get a second, third opinion. Do not give into such traps. An experienced locksmith will be a solution to your problems and if you find something fishy, do not hesitate to call off the service.

So if you suspect that the company you hired is a scam, do not hesitate.  You may be putting a lot at stake by simply letting anyone tamper with the security system. Your gut feel is important. You will realize when you feel something off; you should follow through that feel and get the team out before they cause some permanent damage. The security system you use is an investment on your company’s side. It is something you put your money on. If this company cheats you, you end up in a soup and take the entire office with you.

For residential people, this security is just as important. Risking your hard-earned money and putting your family to risk is a bleak bargain when all you need is research to find the best company out there to do the job.

Being safe is important and hence ensures that all the above steps are followed. While choosing the locksmith service, double check whom you are allows handling the locks to your home, office or safe.

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