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What Are The Different Types Of Master Key Systems?

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Master key systems provide security and accessibility to the occupants of a building. It is essential in a sense that accessibility to certain households or establishments is limited only to those who are authorized. Entry is made possible to all doors within a system by using a single key. With this, maintenance of security is heightened without difficulty because of the possibility to define who has access in certain points. Points of entry with cylinder locks can be secured with just one key. Take note though that there are several variants of master key systems available in the marked today to suit the needs of clients.

Unrestricted keyways

Master Key System by Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati

Master Key System by Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

Among the types of master key systems, this is the most unreliable. It is the cheapest because it provides the least degree of protection. This is due to a reality that key blanks are easily obtained. It is of sane thinking to consider a common notion that a local locksmith can make a key to be utilized on emergency cases when given the correct keying information.

This does not only apply to everyday keys but also to an unrestricted master key system. Blank keys can be easily duplicated even without proper authorization. A ‘do not duplicate’ note does not guarantee a sole proprietorship on a single master key because there is no legal punishment for those who do it. There are lots of key duplicating machines including those that are manned by unlicensed locksmiths.

Restricted Keyways

These are made to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. A single and trusted locksmith does this job of controlling key duplication by having your signature card. This is advantageous to companies for they don’t have to alter their key system every time an employee quits his post. His last check will not be issued to him unless he surrenders the key. This comes with a higher price considering the higher level of security it provides. But as in other types, it also has its drawbacks. Since this is a job is not for an ordinary locksmith, rekeying may not be done on a same-day basis which is a convenience that has to be sacrificed.

Proprietary Keyways

There are 2 types of proprietary keyways. Local proprietary, for one, offers less security than the other type because it offers no choice on where the keys will be made as it has to be bought from the locksmith from whom it was initially purchased. There is a great chance that you will be spending more than what is right plus the tendency that you will be changing the entire key system.

The second type is factory level proprietary. This can be your best option for high-end security level. You may be locked in with one manufacturer, but you can have the assurance that your keyway is safe. Only authorized purchasers with signatures that match the submitted specimen can order these keys. Cut keys will be delivered to just where you are and this is the reason why you can’t have a rekey in the same day.

If you want reliable master key systems that will help you with your security, you can consider our products and services. Call us to find out more today!

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