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Using Deadbolts In Cincinnati To Slow Down Burglars

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Deadbolt Lock Installation By Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati

Deadbolt Lock Installation By Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

Security can be a huge issue in most places and this includes many areas of Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a good reason why many homeowners are installing the best quality locks to keep their homes and businesses safe. The fact is that even if you have installed the best alarm system, a good quality lock is always the most important level of security. Deadbolts offer a great deal of protection for exterior doors and this is why most Cincinnati locksmiths recommend them to their clients.

Statistics show that over 40% of break-ins involve the door and this is one way that burglars gain entry into the home. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current home, installing new deadbolt locks is an investment that you will not regret. You can help to ensure that your property is safe by choosing the best lock in the market.

Slowing down burglars

While door locks might not stop the determined burglar, they can make it difficult for him. Deadbolts are great for slowing down burglars and it is common knowledge that time is not on their side when they are out to commit crimes. Burglars usually gain access by drilling out locks, picking the lock or prying it out using pliers or wrenches. As burglars learn ways to defeat home security systems, installing a strong, high quality deadbolt can slow down the job making it difficult to break into the home.

Strongest deadbolts

The strongest deadbolts have some qualities that help to ensure that they offer the best protection. When choosing a lock with maximum security in mind, look for Grade 1 strength. This is the strongest deadbolt type available and it is based on standards that are recommended by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. Locks are classified into three grades with Grade 1 offering the highest protection. Talk to the locksmith about the best lock brands to suit your requirements.

Double cylinder lock

When choosing a deadbolt, locksmiths recommend double cylinder deadbolts, for those who want the best protection. With this type of lock, you need a key to enter and get out of the door. This might raise some concerns in case of an emergency but security experts recommend having the key readily available in a convenient place nearby. A double cylinder lock will eliminate the threat of burglars entering the home by reaching in through a broken window.

Features of the deadbolt

When choosing deadbolts, you need to know some of the features that help to ensure increased security. Some deadbolts have pins that can resist saws by spinning around when someone tries to cut the deadbolt. The best deadbolts have throws that are at least 1-inch. The throw is the space that the deadbolt extends and experts say that one inch offers maximum security. You can also get drill-eating steel bits that can withstand most drills. Anyone trying to drill out the lock will end up with a damaged drill!

At Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati, we provide high technology services in Cincinnati, OH. Our certified Cincinnati locksmith services cover everything from door lock repair to high security locks. We offer fast and quality service in the greater Cincinnati and we are ready to offer any advice regarding your security needs.

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