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Commercial Lock Replacement in Springdale, OH 45246

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Company Name:  Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

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Today I received a call from a business owner in Springdale, OH 45246 in Cincinnati. This customer just moved in to a new store and wanted to change the locks on the same key. I scheduled a meeting for 1:00PM to come and see what brand of locks he currently has on the doors and to give him an exact quote for the job. When I got there, I saw two front mortise cylinder locks on his front doors with the same keys and 1 commercial lock with a push bar on one of the back doors of the store. For the back door locks he didn’t have the keys and they were on a different keyway anyway, so I offered him to change the back door locks to the same Schlage key type he already has on the front doors. I started to take the locks off the doors on the back of the store and I needed to be careful with the mechanism, because once I take the screws off, there was nothing to hold the push bar on the inside of the door.

After that I took the mortise locks off the doors on the front of the place to rekey them. These mortise locks are a 5 pins cylinders and I needed to match the same key for the back doors as well. I needed to take off the two of the screws that were attached to the housing of the mortise locks, but before I put on the new rim cylinder locks back together, I was cutting the tail to the same size as the previous one. After that I tested a few times how it works when I turn the key to the unlock position and to make sure the handle turns the mechanism the way it should be. My client wanted a total of 8 keys, so i was cutting a few extra keys on site.

The work was completed in an hour and 45 minutes and my client was happy with my service especially when he needed the locks changed right away. I asked him how did he hear about us? so he told that he searched for a Locksmith near Springdale, OH to find the closest locksmith company to his location. Before I left, I gave him a few ideas on how to secure the property with high security locks for commercial in case he’ll be interested in the future to call our Cincinnati locksmith services again and upgrade to a different type of locks. I also asked him if he can provide me a short video review to share his experience with Eagle’s Locksmith services. You can watch the locksmith video reviews on Eagle’s website and see how we treat our customers in Cincinnati, OH.

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