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The 4 Main Types Of Locksmith Services At a Glance

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You may not know it but there is much more into locksmiths than just opening locks and making duplicate copies of original keys. They offer a wide range of tasks ranging from the aforementioned everyday situations to fixing and installing hi tech digital locks and sophisticated security systems for both commercial and residential premises. Unknown to many, locksmith are knowledgeable in lock and key matters. It should however be noted that due to the sophisticated nature of some security systems, a single locksmith may not be fully skilled and proficient in all aspects of the locksmith industry. Identifying a locksmith skilled in offering the right service for your precise needs is therefore crucial. Read on to find out more about the different types of services offered by locksmiths in Cincinnati, OH.




It is undoubtedly the most common locksmith service available. Several locksmith service providers offer residential locksmith services round the clock from January to December. They mainly work on lockouts which means an urgent need by a client to open a door either because a key is lost or a door is locked from the outside with the keys still inside. Note that most locksmiths offering this particular service can take on other locksmith duties such as installing new locks on cutting keys.




Sounds strange but one can get locked out of his or her car in a compromising environment. This can happen in an isolated and insecure place. The only option in such situations is to call on a locksmith. Then keep in mind that nearly all modern cars feature electronic or smart keys or both to open and close their doors. Vehicles operating through smart keys to give one access are extremely difficult to bypass. One is only left with the choice of looking for a skilled locksmith with a technical knowhow of handling different car lock systems.


Key cutting

Key Duplication Services by

Key Duplication Services by

People need duplicate keys for different reasons. You may need a duplicate key at home for your loved one. Better yet, you may at one point or another need duplicate keys for your employees. Whatever the reason, you will need a locksmith to help you with the key cutting process. The process should be a straightforward procedure for an experienced locksmith. Keep in mind that key cutting has evolved from the days one manually cut keys using hacksaws and shad them with metal files. Technology has taken over. Key cutting is now advanced and may at time include duplicating digital security systems using advanced key codes. This calls for use of sophisticated mechanism which can only be granted by a skilled locksmith.




It is hard to install modern keys or high tech electric locks on your own. That is where locksmiths come into the picture. But before hiring one to undertake the installation process, remember to conduct a simple background check. Find out how skilled the locksmith you are about to hire is. Find out too if the locksmith offers round the clock services. You may need the locksmith in the unfortunate event of a lockout.

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